Chess Olympiad… Pride of Tamil in the voice of Kamal Haasan… Begin with a dance performance – Chess Olympiad Ceremony 2022 PM Modi CM MK Stalin

Pitamar Modi, Chief Minister MK Actor Kamal Haasan sang of Tamil pride in the background voice of Stalin’s turnout.

Chennai Chess Olympiad Programme, Bitamar Modi, MK Chief Minister A dance program was held on Thursday to celebrate Tamil Pride with actor Kamal Haasan as the background voice for Stalin to participate.

Tamil Nadu Sports Minister Meiyanathan welcomed everyone to the Chess Olympiad program held at the Nehru Indoor Sports Arena in Chennai.

Subsequently, Kamal Haasan’s background voice on the Chess Olympiad program was featured on Pride of Tamil Nadu and Pride of Tamils. In the voice of Kamal Haasan, Kamal Haasan gave the introduction with the words: “Kalthonara man dharga kaalte walodhu namdi vikhakudi. He also says that the Tamils ​​were the first to irrigate and cultivate thousands of years ago. Additionally, Kamal Haasan’s voice resounded as Rajarajacholan conquered overseas countries and elected representatives democratically for the first time.

Also, Kamal Haasan’s adaptation of Jallikattu, a traditional sport of Tamil Nadu, in Sangha literature, Kaligiyya. It is not a competition between animals, but a competition between man and animal. Also, Kamal Haasan talks about Bharatanatyam, a traditional dance form of Tamil Nadu. Everything was staged as a dance performance with her voice in the background.

Kamal Haasan spoke about Tamil Nadu folk arts and artists such as Terukoothu and Karakattam performed.

Then the Sundram temple made of one stone, the elephant made of one stone of Mamallapuram are Tamils

3,000 years ago, the Pandyas formed the Tamil Sangam. Tolkappiyam is the oldest grammar book in the world. He says the Tamil land was divided into five parts namely Kurinji, Mullai, Darsha, Weaving and Palai.

Kannagi came to the court of King Pandya to seek justice, and a scene from Silappathikara was played where Kannagi broke the cymbal and demanded justice. At the end, Kamal Haasan recited the four hundredth words, Yadum Ure Yavarum Kalir.

Following this, a dance performance took place with Didi singing the very popular song Enjoy Enjami.

After that, Union Minister of State L. Murugan said, “Draupadi Murmu, who was born in an ordinary village in Orissa, has been appointed as the President of the Republic. He shouted that the whole world would laugh. He created tension in Varanasi and made Tamil Nadu prouder.

Prime Minister Modi and Hon. Stalin worked together to organize such a grand chess game in Tamil Nadu. Deepika Pallikal Ulittor was honored with the Padma Shri by L. dit Murugan. Afterwards, Union Minister Anurag Thakur took the floor.

It was noted that the Chess Olympiad torch passed through 75 countries. It was reported to commemorate India’s 75th Independence Day.

Following this, World Chess Champion Vishwanath Anand carried the Chess Olympiad torch to the stage and presented it to Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister MK handed over to Stalin. After that, Pragnananda started the program carrying the torch of the Chess Olympiad.

The 44th Chess Olympiad has started in Chennai. The Chess Olympiad will be held in Mamallapuram until August 10.

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