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Are you looking for Fingers Name (Fingers Name in Hindi and English), then you will get complete information about it in this article. We call fingers as fingers in Hindi. God created man, made different parts of him. Each part has its own importance, its own characteristics and functions. Each part/part also has its own unique purpose.

There’s only one part of our body – the two of us Hand, with which we carry out our daily work efficiently. There are five fingers in each hand. There are a total of ten fingers on both hands.

Let us know the name of each finger and the hidden characteristics it contains. We learned the names of all the fingers in our schooling. But today many will remember it and many people must have forgotten. So, as a review, we will again get the names of all the fingers and some general and interesting information about them through this article. Read this article till the end.

Finger names in Hindi
Image: Name of fingers in Hindi

We need to know the name of each finger in Hindi and English We have four fingers and one thumb in our hand.
The name of each finger and thumb in Hindi and English is as follows.

Five Fingers Name in Hindi and English

You know the names of all fingers in Hindi and English. Now let us know all the fingers in detail.


First of all, we will know Thumb, that is, Thumb. The thumb is at the front of the hand. Its texture is different from other fingers and the thumb is slightly smaller in finger size.

To catch, throw and lift anything, the thumb reads, or without saying it, we will not be able to pick up the thing without the thumb.

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People with small, thin and weak thumbs are thought to have low intelligence. In comparison with them, people with good and developed thumbs have a strong and strong intellect and mentality.

Do you know that massaging the thumb can normalize rapid heartbeat. The thumb is directly related to the lungs.
When kids tease each other, they show their thumbs, they mean tease. The second meaning is to show the thumb, that is, to say good luck, to agree on something. The thumb represents the fire element.

Finger with 2 indexes:

The first finger after the thumb is called the index finger. This finger has a lot of features. To hold a brush or a pen while writing or painting, it is grasped with the index finger and the thumb.

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When we point at someone, that finger is mostly used. The index finger represents the air element. The mudra of knowledge formed by touching the index finger and thumb expands our knowledge and the mind becomes pure. The place in the palm under this finger is called Guru Parvat, therefore it is also called the Guru finger.

3- Middle finger:

The finger after the index is called the middle finger. The middle finger is a long finger in the middle of the five fingers. The middle finger represents the sky element.

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Mount Shani is located below the middle finger. Mount Shani is the place that has been called the lucky place in palmistry. According to palmistry, those whose palm is more raised under the middle finger, their lifespan is extraordinary.

4 ring finger:

The finger after the middle finger is called the ring finger and the engagement ring is worn on this finger at the time of engagement. It is believed that this finger is directly related to our heart.

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In Hinduism this finger is used to apply the vaccine on the forehead, in Jainism this finger is worshiped in the temple.
The ring finger represents the earth element. Massaging the ring finger removes irritability and improves mood.

5- Little Finger:

The smallest and last finger of the five fingers is called the little finger. It is the finger near the ring finger. This finger is also called Kani finger.

Little fingerLittle finger
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In English, it is also called Little finger or Baby finger. To excrete urine, school children say this finger to the teacher and take permission to go to the toilet.

Massaging this finger relieves headaches, it is related to our kidney. The little finger represents the water element.

Astrology and Fingers:

According to astrology, different gemstones are worn in different fingers to get rid of many problems. These gems can be worn by making a ring in the metal prescribed by the astrologer. This removes planetary faults.

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Avoid snapping your fingers:

Many people like to snap their fingers. There is a kind of comfort in the sound that emanates from it. But it can lead to joint problems after a few days.

The joints between the fingers are filled with a liquid that is essential for their movement and thanks to which they do not rub against each other, that is, it acts as a lubricating liquid. With repeated licking of the fingers, this liquid will decrease and little by little the problem of the joints will begin. Therefore, the habit of licking your fingers should be removed.

Today in this article, we understood what the five fingers are called in Hindi and English, and also found out some general and interesting information about them. Now if someone asks us “Fingers Name In Hindi” we can answer it properly. You must share this article with your friends and family so that they can also know about it.

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