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How to identify the rank of police officer: In different states of India, the police work to uphold internal law and order at their level. Many states and union territories have police forces in lakhs. Like the army, there are many types of police uniforms, and the stars on their shoulders give information about their rank and rank. In such a situation, in this article we will tell you that after looking at the stars and ribbons on the shoulders of the police, how can you find out what the rank of the policeman is.Read also – Police officer jawan shoots three of his comrades in Delhi, all three die, surrender

Constable (Constable rank uniform details)

The rank of constable is the first position in the police service. There are no insignia or stars on the constable’s uniform. Although it is still the most important position. The constable follows the orders given by his superiors and fulfills his duty. To read also – A wall collapses in Alipore of Delhi, 5 dead, 9 injured; critical two-person condition

Police Chief Rank Uniform Details

The position of Chief of Police is a rank above Constable. There is a black stripe on their uniform and two yellow stripes on it. Although sometimes the color and width of the bandage may be different on the Constable’s and Police Chief’s uniform in different states, as in many states there are three black stripes on the red colored stripe. Also Read – Bihar Police Arrest Terror Pod Involved in Anti-National Activities and Arrested Two People Associated with PFI

Senior Constable Rank Uniform Details

Senior Constable is above Constable and Constable. Instead of their badges, there is a black band. There is also a yellow stripe on it. But in many states, a red stripe is used on the badge.

Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI Grade Uniform Details)

The rank after Chief of Police or Senior Constable is Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI). A red and blue stripe will be visible on their uniform. Additionally, there is a star on the shoulder.

Sub-Inspector (SI rank uniform details)

The rank after ASI is the rank of sub-inspector. It’s sort of an officer’s rank. The position of sub-inspector of police is as important as the rank of subedar in the army. There is a red and blue stripe on the sub-inspector’s uniform. There are two stars on the sub-inspector’s shoulder.

Inspector Rank Uniform Details

The inspector is the head of any police station. The whole police station comes inside and all police station employees must follow the orders of the inspector. There are three stars on their uniform and a red and blue stripe is visible.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP Rank Uniform Details)

The Deputy Superintendent of Police i.e. DSP is an officer of officer rank in the police of any state. His uniform bears three stars and a red and khaki colored insignia. There is no bandage on his uniform.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (ASP Rank Uniform Details)

This rank is higher than the DSP. He is also called an additional deputy commissioner. There is an Ashoka pillar on the ASP uniform. Be aware that after passing the IPS exam, the first appointment is given at the ASP position. This position carries the same dignity as the rank of Captain in the Indian Army. only seven

Superintendent of Police (SP rank uniform details)

The post of Commissioner of Police or Commissioner of Police is a post above the ASP. He is also known as Deputy Commissioner of Police or SP. His uniform consists of an Ashoka pillar and a star.

Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP Rank Uniform Details)

The rank above SP is SSP. He is also known as Chief Superintendent of Police. They are deployed in major cities. On his uniform there are two stars including an Ashoka Pillar.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (Details of DIG Rank Uniform)

The rank above SSP is DIG. They are also called Deputy Inspector General of Police. Their badges have three stars including an Ashoka pillar.

Inspector General of Police (IG Rank Uniform Details)

The highest ranking officer in any state’s police department is the IG. He is also known as IGP or Inspector General of Police. A sword and a star remain on his uniform. Let us tell you that IPS is written on the uniform of all police officers who are selected after passing the IPS exam.

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