Rashtrapatni controversy Congress MPs want Om Birla to send Sonia Smriti to face panel of privileges

Congress demanded to refer the Smriti-Sonia dispute to the Privileges Committee amid the ongoing fight over the “Rashtrapati” dispute. Congress MPs wrote to Lok Sabha President Om Birla on Thursday, hours after a heated argument between party chairwoman Sonia Gandhi and BJP MK Smriti Irani in the lower house of parliament. Congress sought Birla’s intervention to refer the matter to the Privileges Committee. Congress said his party’s chairman had been subjected to “outrageous abuse by ruling party MPs”.

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The Congress claimed on Thursday that several Lok Sabha BJP MPs and ministers, including Union Minister Smriti Irani, had treated party leader Sonia Gandhi with “indecent and degrading” treatment and a situation was created in which she (Sonia) was also injured. taken Party MPs have urged Lok Sabha Chairman Om Birla to intervene in the matter and send it to the Privileges Committee of Parliament. While urging Birla to intervene in the matter, he also asserted that BJP members who engage in such conduct deserve to be suspended from the House.

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Ruckus for calling Draupadi Murmu “the national wife”

According to sources, Lok Sabha Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury wrote to Birla and he has the signatures of more than 20 party MPs. In fact, BJP MPs created a ruckus in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha over Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury calling President Draupadi Murmu “national wife” and demanded an apology from Sonia Gandhi. Chaudhary says once in a chat with a channel, that word came out of his mouth by mistake, but BJP makes sesame seeds.

“Sonia Gandhi was talking to BJP MP Rama Devi ji”

Congress says BJP members and ministers behaved disrespectfully towards Sonia Gandhi over this in Lok Sabha. Party General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said in a statement: “Today in Parliament, Minister Smriti Irani behaved inappropriately with MP and Congress President Sonia Gandhi ji and said words to her. derogatory.” He said, “BJP MP Sonia Gandhi ji. Rama was talking to Devi ji. Smriti Irani surrounded Sonia Gandhi and called her slanderous in a very derogatory tone. When Sonia ji politely told her that I don’t don’t talk, I’m talking to another MP, Smriti Irani shouted “You don’t know who I am”.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury to apologize to Draupadi Murmu on nation wife statement, says – don’t drag Sonia Gandhi into this

“Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has already apologized”

According to Ramesh, MPs from many other parties and congressional MPs witnessed the incident. He asked, “What is this limitation? Can’t a deputy even talk to another deputy? Smriti Irani can defend his point of view politically. Why is she taking such a stance with a senior MP and a party chairman? Political protests have their place, but is this kind of treatment with a senior MP justified?” deputy leader of the Congress at Lok Sabha Gaurav Gogoi told reporters at the parliament building: “Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has already excused. If they (BJP members) expect us to respect women leaders and the president, why have they not shown such behavior? The behavior that happened with Sonia ji is not correct. Today, Sonia ji could have been physically injured.

“Sonia Gandhi could have been injured”

Gogoi said, “BJP people think that if Sonia ji will be scared, it is their mistake. Sonia ji is a fearless and decent leader. She herself went to the BJP female MPs and wanted to speak very politely. But in response to his decency, he was treated very badly by the BJP MPs. Not only did the female MPs behave in a derogatory manner, but the male MPs also behaved in a derogatory manner. Our leader was fearless, stayed gracious.

Earlier, Gogoi tweeted, “Today a very senior leader of India who is an elderly woman and recovering from a kovid infection was attacked. Union ministers insulted him and the BJP MPs could have hurt him.What the BJP MPs did in the Parliament reflects their mob mentality.

“The Prime Minister should apologize”

Congresswoman Jyotsna Charandas Mahanta said, “Sonia ji wanted to talk to the female BJP MP and went to her. Meanwhile Smriti Irani came there and pointed and said derogatory things. Sad to see this behavior with them. For this, the Prime Minister should apologize.

Congresswoman Geeta Koda said, “It’s very sad how Smriti Irani and many other BJP MPs behaved. We kind of got Sonia ji out of there. For that, the prime minister and Smriti Irani should apologize.” Regarding this, when the Indian Youth Congress protested near Irani’s residence, the Mahila Congress burned Irani’s effigy near the BJP office.

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