iravin nizhal Actress Brigida explained her nude scene “You know…that’s how they shot that nude scene!” The ‘Shadow of Night’ actress cracked the secret

I also wore a top while filming this scene. Everyone got it wrong.

Parthiban is known as a different director in Tamil cinema. Parthiban, who is versatile as an actor-producer, directed the movie Night Shadow after the similar movie Serupu. The movie, which hit theaters 2 years ago, has been promoted as the world’s first non-linear single-shot movie.

Although there are some controversial comments about it, Shadow of the Night movie is getting a good response among the fans. Similarly, it was said that debutante Brigida, who played the female lead in the film, acted naked in one scene. With the scene making a lot of noise on social networks, some wondered if such a scene appeared in the film.

In this case, actress Brigida, who has now explained this nude scene, revealed the truth about how she did this scene. Brigida explained that she wore a skin-colored top with skin-like elastic to create the appearance of being naked.

In this regard, he said on his social media page: “Everything is correct except for one point. It was a nude scene, but I was wearing a top while filming that scene. Everyone got it wrong. And don’t spread the fact that they used a thumbnail like I was sitting naked in the photo. He said to broadcast this if possible.

Shadow of the Night tells the story of a 50-year-old man reflecting on the events of his life. It should be noted that Parthiban said that 50 sets were set up on 64 acres of land, with a huge budget, to film this story in one shot.

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