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What are the subjects in agriculture? , Agriculture is the main occupation in the country of India. Through which we work hard day and night. Shetkari works hard day and night. Then comes the choice of agriculture. Cereals, fruits, vegetables that we obtain come only from agriculture. If you also want to take an education related to agriculture, you can take an agriculture course. At present, there is a very good opportunity in the field of agriculture. And today, many students want to make their future in the field of agriculture. If you are also planning to take an agriculture course then you should read this article till the end to get complete information.

Students who want to do agriculture courses always have a question in their mind that agriculture me kitne topic hote hai? What should we study in the agriculture course?, kaise kare agriculture course?, Many of these questions are present in the minds of young people who want to make their future in the field of agriculture.

In this post, we will read how many topics are there in agriculture? How to do an agriculture course, what subjects are there in agriculture? What job will you get after farming and how much will it pay? You will find this post very helpful. Read this post till the end and comment.

How to do the agriculture course?

Many students want to do agriculture courses but they don’t know when they can do agriculture courses? And how can I do the course.

  • For the Btech course, you must achieve at least 60% marks in your 12. You must pass the 12th physics, chemistry, mathematics exam from a recognized board.
  • For the license course, you must pass the 12th exam with at least 50% marks in biology or mathematics. To enroll in the Bsc Agriculture course, you must pass the examination of any board recognized by the state or central government.

When can you take an agriculture course?

You can do Agriculture courses after 12. Either Bsc Agriculture or Btech Agriculture of your choice.

What is the Agriculture Entrance Examination?

  • CG PAT

Agricultural College Tuition:

BSC Agriculture annual fee approx. 8,000 -10,000 Up to Rs. And Btech Agriculture fees for the whole year 50k -2 lakh Higher fees are payable by the Bsc Agriculture.

Ways to take the agriculture course? ,

  1. Btech
  2. Bsc

What are the subjects in agriculture

Btech Agriculture This course lasts 4 years. And in 4 years there are 8 semesters. For this course, you need to read more topics.

  • reactor design and testing
  • Production technology for agricultural machinery
  • Hydraulic drives and controls
  • Energy management and agricultural machinery
  • engineering mathematics
  • chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Engineer’s Physics
  • Basic electrical and electronics engineering
  • Computer programming
  • Environmental studies
  • Technical properties of biological materials and food quality
  • Strength of materials and structural design
  • Elements of mechanical and civil engineering
  • Soil and Fluid Mechanics
  • strength of materials and structural design
  • Heat and mass transfer and refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Plant production technology
  • Agricultural energy and renewable energy sources
  • Conservation and structure of soil and water
  • Mechanics and machine drawing and machine design
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Watershed hydrology
  • Cultivation processes and drying and storage engineering
  • electrical machinery and energy use
  • Well and underground water pump
  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • Tractor system and control
  • Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Development of processed products and equipment
  • Food processing plant design and layout
  • Dairy and food engineering
  • Agricultural structures and environmental control
  • Food packaging technology
  • System engineering
  • Environmental genius
  • Design of a micro-irrigation system
  • Minor irrigation and development of the command area
  • Remote sensing and GIS application
  • Reservoir design and farm basin
  • Gully and Ravine control structures
  • Watershed planning and management
  • Greenhouse design and maintenance

Subjects of the Bsc Agriculture:

  • Sericulture
  • Basic sciences and humanities
  • selection of field and horticultural crops
  • agricultural engineering
  • Agronomy
  • Plant biochemistry
  • Principles of Environmental Science
  • Applied mathematics
  • Agricultural extension
  • agricultural entomology
  • agricultural economics
  • marketing of agricultural products and prices
  • Principle of plant biochemistry
  • Educational Psychology

Salary after taking an agriculture course:

After completing the farming course, you will get a cooler salary 2.5 LPA – 4.5 LPA You get so much.

Jobs after agriculture course:

After taking this course, you get this type of job quickly Farm Manager, Assistant Plantation Manager, Quality Assurance Officer, Rice Breeder, Agriculture Officer, Plant Breeder, Agricultural Development Officer, Technologist in seeds, agricultural researcher, agricultural technician, marketing executive

Government jobs and private jobs are mentioned below.

Government jobs in agriculture Private jobs in agriculture
Scientific and Industrial Research Council Micro-finance institutions
Indian Institute of Agricultural Research Agri-biotech organizations
Agricultural finance companies Fertilizer companies
National Dairy Development Council Agricultural marketing
Northeast Region Agricultural Marketing Corporation Financial sector with focus on agriculture
State Farms Corporation of India Agribusiness
NABARD and other banks
State Farms Corporation of India
Food Society of India
National Seed Company Limited

Conclusion :

So here we Agriculture me kon kon se subjects hete hai In hindi What are the subjects in agriculture? end information. In this post, we told you how to do agriculture lessons? When to Farm?, What is Agriculture Entrance Examination? What are the fees for agriculture courses? Ways to take the agriculture course? Bsc Agriculture Subjects? Btech Agriculture Topics: Any Jobs After Taking an Agriculture Course? Salary after taking an agriculture course? Say all the career information in simple language, you can also take the agriculture course after reading all this information. Keep visiting our website to read maximum information related to such a career.

If you have a friend, relative who just passed the 12th exam and you want to know this agriculture course What are the topics? If yes, you should share this message with him so that he gets complete information about the fees.

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