Airforce MiG Crash, horrific crash in Barmer of Rajasthan, air force Mig-21 plane crash, two pilots martyred, watch video – mig crash in rajasthan indian air force barmer check details and video here

Jaipur: A major plane crash has taken place in Rajasthan. A MiG plane crashed in Barmer, Rajasthan. This incident happened around 9 p.m. It was reported that the pieces of the plane fell in an area of ​​half a kilometer. Some videos about it are shared on social networks. It is reported that the Air Force MiG-21 aircraft suffered an accident and there were two pilots on board. The accident happened in Bhimda village, Baytu region, Barmer. An Air Force MiG-21 aircraft took off from the village of Bhimda. The reason the plane crashed has not yet been revealed. The collector, superintendent of police and Vayusane officials went to the scene as soon as the incident was reported.

Two martyr pilots
An Indian Air Force MiG Fighter 21 plane crashed in the village of Bhimda in Rajasthan. It was reported that two Indian Air Force pilots were injured in this incident. However, we know that the two pilots were martyred. Information about who exactly was the pilot of the plane has not been revealed.

Union Defense Minister talks with Air Force Chief
The central government has taken notice of the incident of the Air Force MiG-21 plane crash near the village of Bhimda in Rajasthan. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said Indian Air Force chief VR Chaudhary has been discussed. The Air Force Chief briefed Rajnath Singh on this incident.
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Face the horror of the video
An Indian Air Force MiG-21 crashed after crashing. Parts of the aircraft fell within a half kilometer area. Thus, the plane caught fire after landing. Videos of this plane crash have been shared on social media. This shows the gravity and the horror of this tragedy.

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Pilot speed, save the plane from crashing in civilian areaslm
The accident happened near Bhimda in Barmer, Rajasthan. Although the Air Force pilot was in mortal danger, the plane was diverted from the civilian population and a major accident was avoided. Had the plane landed in a civilian area, many lives would have been lost.
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