Another Arpita Mukherjee Apartment Found in Baguiati, ED Property Search: Arpita’s Apartment in Chinar Park! ED attacked with militiamen

After Tollygunge, Ballygunge, Rathtala in Belgharia, here is Chinar Park in Baguiati. ED got the location of another Arpita apartment. On Thursday, central agency officials raided a four-story apartment at the Royal Residency in East Para of Chinar Park’s Noapara. The ED claims the Block B apartment belongs to Arpita Mukherjee. ED raided this apartment in the afternoon.

Today, the treasurer of this residence in Chinar Park claimed that Arpita also has an apartment here. He also claimed that since September 2020 until now, the beneficiary has not paid the costs of maintaining the accommodation. It is around 38,000 taka.

He claimed that Arpita first came to the residence in 2017. On that day, Arpita came to the residence in a black Mercedes. He saw Arpita for the first time during the service. But everything is his claim. But the other residents of the residence say they have never seen Arpita.

ED officials traveled there after getting reports that Arpita’s apartment was there. Going there, we see that the apartment is locked. ED officials broke the lock and entered. The apartment was then locked. The trucks are brought in ahead on the suspicion that there might be money. ED officials have made all the preparations.

Meanwhile, Partha Chatterjee, the owner of Mela Tucker Pahar in his flats in Taliganj and Belgharia, Arpita told this sensational information to the ED during cross-examination, sources say. ED officials hope Arpita Mukhopadhyay’s phased interrogation at the CGO compound will yield more explosive information.

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ED scooped up around 50 crores of silver in two raids. This mountain of money was found in the Taliganj and Belgharia apartments of Arpita Mukhopadhyay, which is close to Partha Chattopadhyay. Not just bags and bags of money, but baskets and baskets of gold and silver. Tal-Tal This gold and silver has already been confiscated by ED. Partha Chatterjee is the owner of this huge sum of money as well as all the gold and jewelry found in her two apartments. That’s what Arpita claimed during cross-examination, according to news sources.

Sources further claim that Arpita said that Partha Chatterjee used to come to her flat sometimes to keep some cash. Arpita also claimed during cross-examination that other people often came to keep money with Partha Chatterjee. Arpita also said that when Partha Chattopadhyay used to come to her room to deposit money, she would not enter that room.

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Parth forbade him from entering the house at the time, such a sensational confession from Parth’s close friend during interrogation. According to ED sources, Partha Chatterjee will be questioned along with Arpita’s confession. ED officials will even interview Parth-Arpita face to face.

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