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U Ki Matra Wale Shabd – Hello students, in this post we share you words with quantity of U, in which words with more than 500 U quantity have been given in Hindi (U Ki Matra Wale Shabd), this is for little ones children like – First, Those studying in second, third, fourth class will be very useful to them.

Now everyone is studying online. Children study sitting at home from their mobile. Therefore, through this post, we are going to help some children in their studies.

Often study materials for smaller grades are less available on the internet, but we cover topics for all grades. We will now read u ki matra wale shabd in Hindi in detail.

Image: U Ki Matra Wale Shabd

U Ki Matra Wale Shabd – U Ki Matra Wale Shabd Worksheet

Handkerchief to refuse haze
Kulu call lukewarm
Jodhpur rooms Slavery
rectify Friday Kuwara
Phulwari bhu trader
Absolutely Property Call
Compliance you smoke
Ball shubham Walk in
old lady DatĂșn Lean
bee Thursday Make cry
Bridge to select Pain
Answer Traveler Potter
Honey Phulwari the crown
Mute Mathura curb
Pink weaver Happy
Little basil Bow
open priest Bhuvan
fever Morning rat
Gujarat Nightingale buzzing
Light Silently Unnao
Itching police Pudiya
elderly magnet Estimate
herd embrace Emotional
nuisance Souman Kabul
spray lost flute
tul Teacher Jaipur
stuffy Improvement Son
Jaggery Spray Holy
accounting Pulati poor
Sun rejoin understood
tortoise affiliate Listen
Secret comparison lean
Arjun doll Raghu
Soap black-smith tickle
raw World Souman
store bag Clever
Bhulekh Thakur Human
some Sudha secretly
Needle Socks goldsmith
form shirt mistake
Happy Weaver Soccer
germinate lean Raghuver
Udaipur idiom stuffy
molecule the girl Morning
Female dog Ease toil
Faded away puppet quiet
safflower rose water Kuldeep
beautiful hit Tilt
thumri understandable some blood
Nightingale lean Soft, tender
kumkum yamuna Dance
jamun attractive Youth
Uttarakhand tail earring
chicken Fife Pulab
jug Put in bed Knee
yamuna tortoise Me
cattle the bride delivery
kulfi Heron Manu
Betel Sushma sparkler
speed Atoul Chunri
agile pink dog
flower garden good clever
Light Gulshan to joke
rodent wrong adjust
untouchability earings room

words with the amount of u 20

  1. Uncle
  2. cattle
  3. Sudha
  4. Happiness
  5. enemy
  6. Youth
  7. Wind
  8. open
  9. Reserve
  10. Manu
  11. Begin
  12. molecule
  13. Jaggery
  14. raw
  15. Your
  16. Youth
  17. enemy
  18. Son
  19. Supplication
  20. stuffy

words with the amount of u 10

  1. Morning
  2. gulak
  3. Gulkand
  4. Pink
  5. the bride
  6. Potter
  7. Chopped
  8. bee
  9. Nightingale
  10. bag

sentence of you

  • In Shubham Gulab.
  • Suman eats jamun.
  • Sing a sweet song.
  • Eat sprouted jaggery.
  • Do not eat betel nut.
  • Don’t open your mouth
  • Don’t be emotional.
  • Don’t be a slave
  • I ate gulab jamun.
  • The monk is seated in the temple.
  • Shubham Gubarawala came.
  • It’s friday today.
  • The Tulsi plant is revered.
  • The birds are chirping in the morning.
  • The turtle is swimming.
  • The store is empty.
  • Listen to the melodious song Manish.
  • Don’t listen badly
  • do no harm
  • The priests worship in the temple.
  • The crown is very beautiful.
  • The boys are playing football.
  • Indra’s bow is visible.
  • The doll is playing.
  • Suresh is bitten by a dog.
  • I have a fever since yesterday.
  • Goldsmith sells gold.
  • Kulfi is cold.
  • don’t look bad
  • Hands should be washed with soap.
  • The animals leave.
  • Create an account.
  • Go to the hut
  • write good thoughts
  • Arjun read the book.
  • Suresh went to Rampur today.
  • Ramesh reads a Hindi book.

we hope your volume words Would have been useful in your study. If you have any doubts about this, you can ask by commenting in the comment box.
You can share them with your classmates and friends.

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