Karnataka CM Bommai says if necessary he will follow yogi’s pattern

The Yogi model will also be followed in Karnataka if required. Karnataka Chief Minister Basbaraj Bommai has made this clear to party workers. Party workers lose their lives in Karnataka. The party’s youth leader, Praveen Nettaru, lost his life. Representatives of the Sangh and the BJP pressed the chief minister on this accusation. Faced with their pressure, Bommai heard about the Yogi model.

The BJP has been promoting the Modi-Yogi model as the model for good governance across the country. In this sense, Bommai said, if necessary, his government will also create special commando units following the Yogi model. In addition, the Homeland Security Division (ISD) and Counter Terrorism Branch (ATS) will also be created. And, in this way, he wants to increase the protection of Karnataka in the Yogi pattern. That’s what Bommai said.

He said, “Yogi Adityanath is the right Chief Minister for the situation in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, dealing with the situation in Karnataka will require a different path. It’s already taken. If the situation calls for it, the government of Karnataka will also operate on the Yogi model. The BJP and sections of the Sangh Parivar have been looking for Yogi role models in Karnataka for a long time. They believe that the Yogi model is the only hope of preventing the death of party workers. These Swayamsevaks and activists strongly condemned the Bombay government for the failure of law and order.

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According to these diehard BJP and Sangh leaders, this is how the Yogi government uses bulldozers to stop anti-national activities. Besides, hardliners of BJP and Sangh also praised the way UP police killed gangster Vikas Dubey. And that is why hardliners are calling on Bombay and Karnataka to follow the same pattern.

Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha activist Praveen Nettaru, 32, was near his chicken coop when he was killed on Tuesday evening. After his assassination, Sangh and BJP activists started protesting against the Bombay government. Demonstrations took place around the party chairman’s car. The resignation of the party state leadership was demanded.

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