Prayagraj bomb explosion, Prayagraj gangs! School children formed gangs, bombed for 3 months; The city shook – in Uttar Pradesh, a turf war between two student gangs leads to a crude bomb explosion in Prayagraj 11 arrested

Prayagraj: The entire city was shaken by the exploits of the students who were studying in the prestigious Prayagraj schools of Uttar Pradesh. A series of bomb attacks have taken place in the city over the past three months. The police arrested 11 people yesterday in this case. There was a struggle between two groups in an attempt to establish their dominance in the region. The conflict escalated directly into bomb explosions. Surprisingly, of the 11 people arrested, 10 are minors. He was sent to the juvenile detention center.

Their parents were also seen as related to the student groups. They were notified by the police. The police informed that action will be taken under the national security law against the perpetrators of the explosions. According to the police, students from prestigious schools in the city formed their gangs. They were struggling to establish their supremacy in the region. They set off bomb explosions to install a wizard.
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Student gangs were also active on WhatsApp. He had created WhatsApp groups with names like Tandav, Jaguar, Maya, Lawrence, Immortals. The police informed that there were 10 to 300 members. In July, there were 5 bomb attacks in front of schools. The first incident took place in the Sangam region. The explosion occurred while students at a school were celebrating the birthday of one of them.

Another bomb explosion incident took place near MPVM. After that, explosions took place in the area of ​​Patanjali Rishikul, Boys High School, Bishop Johnson School. Police arrested several students near Bishop Johnson College on Monday. He was asked where the bomb came from. Shocking information has been revealed by the students’ investigation. The students informed that they did not bring the bomb from where, but made it at home while watching YouTube.
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Used to buy firecrackers from the market and separate ammo from them. It was used to make bombs. It’s been going on for a few months. Shocking reports have come to light that students took money from their parents in the name of various school activities and used the same money to buy firecrackers at the market.

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