mamata banerjee hinted at the formation of a new cabinet after the removal of Partha chaterjee: Mamata hinted at the formation of a new cabinet, names in speculation?

Partha Chatterjee has been removed from the cabinet. He was Minister of State for Industry and Trade. At the same time, he is responsible for parliamentary service, information and technology. The question is, who will take care of these offices? After the Cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister himself responded. He also made suggestive comments about the formation of the cabinet.

After the Cabinet meeting that day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, “The offices that were with Partha are mine for now. I can’t do anything, but I spared Parthada until I form a new cabinet. These offices came to me.

In other words, the chief minister indicated that the new cabinet could be formed soon. After this speculation, who or who can get a place in the cabinet as the new minister. Ballyganj MLA Babul Supriya comes back strongly in the discussion. Partha Chatterjee’s industries department may be in the hands of a former Modi cabinet member. Council Office will be in the hands of? According to sources, Trinamool leaders prefer senior MP and agriculture minister Sobhandev Chattopadhyay. In addition, there are reports of several cabinet reshuffles.

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Partha Chatterjee was suspended not only from the ministry but also from the party. He was therefore removed from office in 5 parties. The General Secretary of Trinamool for All India said: “Severe penalties should be imposed on those involved in corruption. If there is a complaint against someone, action must be taken immediately. Trinamool will not compromise if an injustice is done to ordinary people. But let the central investigation team complete the investigation within the time limit. Abhishek said that at the next working committee meeting it will be decided who will manage the Trinamool positions held by Partha Chatterjee.

At the same time, Abhishek was targeting the BJP. In its own words, “BJP says the photograph of the chief minister in whose apartment the money was found was seen. As a result, the Chief Minister knew him. A photo of Modi was seen with Nirav Modi. He’s back now. So Modi is guilty in this case? In fact, this take is criticized without going through the washing machine.

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