TMC removes Partha Chatterjee from all party positions and suspends him

Partha Chatterjee was removed from all Trinamool Congress party positions after being removed from his cabinet post. The decision was made at the Trinamool Disciplinary Committee meeting on Thursday. After that, All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee announced the party’s decision at a press conference. Parth was removed from all party posts, including general secretary, secretary Jago Bangla. The team decided to suspend him until the end of the investigation.

Arpita’s confession during interrogation that Arpita’s money was recovered from Arpita’s flat in Belgharia during overnight and that this money was kept in the apartment by Arpita. Party spokespersons Kunal Ghosh, Devanshu Bhattacharya and Biswadit Debra tweeted to demand Parth’s removal, giving an indication of the party’s next step.

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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made the first move in the afternoon. Parth was removed from the cabinet. He also hinted at forming a new cabinet keeping his offices in his hands. Before that, Abhishek called a meeting of the party’s disciplinary committee in the afternoon. Expulsion or suspension from Perth was therefore only a matter of time. However, the Trinamool decided to remove Parth from all party posts and suspend him until the investigation was completed. Partha himself was the head of the disciplinary committee, the same committee suspended him this time.

Partha Chatterjee, who is currently the general secretary of the party, editor-in-chief of spokesperson Jago Bangla, member of the national working committee and chairman of the disciplinary committee, was removed from his post. That day, Abhishek said, “Partha Chatterjee’s suspension will remain in place as long as this investigation process continues. If he can prove his innocence, the door to the party will be open to him.”

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