500+ big volume words

Badi ee Ki Matra Wale Shabd

Hello students, in this post we are sharing words with E quantity, in this more than 500 E quantity words have been given in Hindi, it is for little kids like – LKG, UKG, study in first and second class will be very useful for them.

Often study materials for smaller grades are less available on the internet, but we cover topics for all grades. now we badi ee ki matra ke shabd– Will read in detail the word with quantity of E.

Image: Badi ee Ki Matra Wale Shabd

Badi ee Ki Matra Wale Shabd

Minister Condition happy
cottage cheese listing key
victim Thing orange
Mare late test
scrubber Ancient cold
thirty Plaque Three
bud Lamp Happiness
Lemon Pudi briefcase
Pain near language
Black Khadi wedding
Gita religious ficus Lake
Palm wood pearl
Course Maratha life
Hindu worship ritual to stick on sweet
Gardner fork butterfly
bali fish life
Cucumber comrade diwali
month fake daughter
sister in law Aunt Big
Sad maternal uncle Glutton
Electricity machine Wall
Grandmother Queen Floor
poverty rakhi Town
Gun shot termites work
diamond glass Bhim
a lot neer neem tree
Body The valley harp
cat Wazir Laxmi
cheese silver James
yellow puzzle peak
Spider Fife bibi
prisoner Friend Kachori
freshness Cumin greedy
lonely just Shoemaker
mistrustful TV Capital
exposure Actress diwali
Company squirrel dirty
lizard player Rich
Nandini Storm Good
century Yogi underneath
Winter Big Video
point basil plain
Bucket husband Fairy
bread Little Sari
foreign dhoti Meera
The arrow Story spouse
key Mummy interval
Eagle fox look
Sheela Arab Meena
big official Blue
the bird the girl Sita
Goddess yellow market
Sweat Sugar pain
Maternal grandmother sickness ranjit
player Water Beggar
goat pod delhi
real squirrel shirt
Earth blue aunt
heavy Deserted the elephant
the girl Sign beverage
Garden doli Critical
Hindi Street Women
Man Bold Earth
Window Earthworm River
Plant type Radish
Earth lady finger Papaya
To correct old sky
Jalebi dirty down
Simplicity holi pink
begging piercing sometimes
scissors Impostor harness
the husband Growth How
music cupboard bayonet

Badi ee Ki Matra Wale Shabd Hindi May:

won Victory Water gun
Hindu worship ritual language the back
Cauliflower Live yellow
heel fear ribbon
Patient Gourd goat
way scared congratulations
sometimes to slow down barfi
shirt butterfly sister in law
sassy Marina Spider
Story The arrow Song
Story matches greedy
Black Plaque ball
love Plaque Mummy
Nail music victim
Khadi cottage cheese Tower
underneath beard Meena
Window Grandmother wood
Kheer Older sister Wrist
Kheer Lamp Litchi
Cucumber diwali Voice
Heat Lamp Bold
Vehicle Zarina Kareena
Swear word scrubber noble
squirrel River Body
Song dirty Martyr
Song Maternal grandmother wedding
Gita Drain glass
market Pear Sardinians
aunt neem tree comrade
tiger blue whistle
Affection the bird Sita
Sugar turban skills
Eagle cheese clamshell
Sodhi Fairy diamond
to stick on Papaya buffy

40 high volume words:

  1. yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Grandmother
  4. Maternal grandmother
  5. sister in law
  6. Bhim
  7. lady finger
  8. butterfly
  9. religious ficus
  10. maternal uncle
  11. aunt
  12. greedy
  13. goat
  14. Queen
  15. Sita
  16. rakhi
  17. Water
  18. Sheela
  19. key
  20. interval
  21. heavy
  22. Gita
  23. the elephant
  24. beverage
  25. diamond
  26. silver
  27. sweet
  28. down
  29. underneath
  30. Meena
  31. Sari
  32. Meera
  33. Cumin
  34. Critical
  35. Earthworm
  36. Pain
  37. Plaque
  38. applaud life
  39. fish
  40. Bold

Badi ee Ki Matra Wale 10 Shbd:

  1. marathi hindi
  2. the girl
  3. official
  4. briefcase
  5. poverty
  6. Earth
  7. Hindu worship ritual
  8. Earth
  9. life
  10. language

Lyrics of the volume of the big E 50:

  1. underneath
  2. beard
  3. Meena
  4. Window
  5. Grandmother
  6. wood
  7. Kheer
  8. Older sister
  9. Wrist
  10. Kheer
  11. Lamp
  12. Litchi
  13. Cucumber
  14. diwali
  15. Voice
  16. Heat
  17. Diya Veer
  18. Vehicle
  19. Zarina
  20. Kareena
  21. Swear word
  22. Dhobi Sharif
  23. squirrel
  24. River
  25. Body
  26. Song
  27. dirty
  28. Martyr
  29. Song
  30. Maternal grandmother
  31. wedding
  32. Gita
  33. Drain
  34. glass
  35. market
  36. Pear
  37. Sardinians
  38. aunt
  39. neem tree
  40. comrade
  41. Affection
  42. the bird
  43. Sita
  44. Sugar
  45. turban
  46. skills
  47. Eagle
  48. cheese
  49. clamshell
  50. Sodhi

big sentences of volume eBadi ee Ki Matra Ke Phrases:

  • The paneer curry is well done.
  • This is a list of similar.
  • The fox eats.
  • The fish swims in the water.
  • The cow is eating grass.
  • The goat is sitting.
  • Raja Rani stories are good.
  • There is light by lighting a lamp.
  • The power has been off since this morning.
  • Ganesha drinks water.
  • Today, paneer curry is homemade.
  • Today Kheer Puri is made at home.
  • Lemon water is good for health.
  • The mother tells the story to the children.
  • Bread was given to the dog.
  • The cat drank all the milk.
  • Meera was a devotee of Krishna.
  • The wood got wet from the rain.
  • The diamond and the pearl are good friends.
  • This is a list of items.
  • Mahesh sings a song.
  • The buffalo gives milk daily.
  • The arrow got out of control.
  • Clear water flows in the river.
  • The butterfly flies in the garden.
  • I clapped today.
  • Today I feel very happy.
  • fish is the queen of water.
  • Life is its water.
  • It’s too cold today.
  • Gita is the best book.
  • Hindi is our national language.
  • A cold wind is blowing today.
  • The river is flowing.
  • The cow gives milk.
  • Ramesh sings a song.
  • There is light from the lamp.
  • The current is off.
  • The arrow got out of control.
  • Clear water flows in the river.
  • The fox runs.
  • Kheer is made today.
  • The diamond and the pearl are friends.
  • The wood is damp.
  • Ramesh eats jalebi.
  • The goat is sitting.
  • The cow is eating grass.
  • The fish does not stop swimming in the water.
  • Mom tells the story.
  • I feel very happy.
  • Hindi is our national language.
  • I clapped today.
  • It’s too cold today.
  • Gita is the best book.
  • fish is the queen of water.
  • Meera was a devotee of Krishna.
  • Bread was given to the dog.
  • The butterfly flies in the garden.

we hope badi ee ki matra wale shabd hindi mein Would have been useful in your study. If you have any doubts about this, you can ask by commenting in the comment box.
You can share them with your classmates and friends.

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