Poster with photos of Modi and Amit Shah: SPO supporters in action

There was a stir in Kanchipuram due to posters put up by OPS supporters to place Modi and Amit Shah. This created a new controversy.

The AIADMK-BJP alliance is facing elections in Tamil Nadu. In this case, the question of the dual leadership of the AIADMK exploded. Two working committees were held and finally OPS and its supporters were expelled from Adhimuga. As the majority of the district secretaries were on Edappadi’s side, Edappadi was chosen as acting general secretary of AIADMK. But Panneer Selvam said he would also remove those who removed him. He also announced new directors. For this reason, the problem of who owns the AIADMK party and its symbol also arose. PAHO continues to appeal to the Court and the Electoral Commission. In this case, PAHO traveled to Delhi and backed presidential candidate Thirelapathi Murmu. It was also said that he may have spoken of an internal party problem.

Edappadi also participated in the Upachara function of the Ramnath Kovind division which was recently held with Annamalai. But he returned to Tamil Nadu without attending the inauguration ceremony of the new president. It was also said that no time was given to meet Amit Shah.

In this case, the Prime Minister came to Tamil Nadu for the Chess Olympiad event. Edappadi Palaniswami and Panneer Selvam are expected to meet with him regarding the AIADMK party issue. In this case, banners were placed in Kanchipuram congratulating Amit Shah and Modi for OPS. This created a new controversy.

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