man udu udu zhala actor amit parab mother death social media post emotional viral nrp 97 | The ‘Mann Udu Udu Jala’ actor was deprived of his mother in a touching post, saying, “Sadness to lose a mother in life…”

‘Mann Udu Udu Jala’ is considered a popular series on the small screen. Currently, this series seems to be very popular. The ‘Mann Udu Udu Jala’ series is currently at the height of its popularity. In this series, the public reacted well to the love story of Indra and Dipu. Soon, this series will say goodbye to the public. The mother of actor Amit Parab, who played the role of Nayan Kanvinde in this series, has died. She had been battling serious illnesses for several days.

Amit Parab’s mother had been battling a serious illness for several days. He had been undergoing treatment for a few days, but his fight finally failed. Amit’s mother breathed her last on July 20 while undergoing treatment in hospital. Amit shared a touching message in memory of his mother. He also shared a photo with his mother on Instagram. A post was also made with it.

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Posted by Amit Parab

“The pain of losing a mother in every child’s life is unfathomable. The values ​​and morals you have taught me over the past 28 years will live on in me forever. You are a real fighter and you taught me to be one. I did my best to make everything smooth. But fate had something else in mind. I simply accepted God’s will because he assured me that he had better things planned for her on the other side.

It would have been selfish of me if I hadn’t let you go for your own good. I’m glad I did it to make myself proud. You will always be proud of him. From now on, I will not be with you on the next trip. So take care of yourself and get enough rest. I prayed to God to meet you again as my mother in my next birth as well. I can’t wait to be in your belly again and to live this moment. Until then, please rest. Lots of love from you Sonu,” said Amit Parab.

Nayan Kanvinde is known as a catchy character in this series. Amit Parab plays this character perfectly. Amit also fulfilled this dream of his mother. Amit has done his MBA and works in the corporate sector. There is no acting background in the family as the father is a government job and the mother is a housewife. While managing his job, he was seen pursuing his passion for acting in the series “Mann Udu Udu Jala”. His portrayal of the antagonistic character of Nayan Rao won him immense popularity.

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