Celebrating Oskar Sala’s 112th birthday

Oskar Room 112e birthday party

Oskar Sala: Oskar Sala’s 112e birthday was celebrated by Google doodle. It is well known for the mixture – trautonium. He introduced a unique sound to television. He introduced and electrified people from television, radio and film.


Oskar Sala was a musician, composer and naturalist. He is the most important figure in electronic music of the 20e century. He perfected himself in the game and the development of trautonium in different forms. At the end of the 1920s, Friedrich Trautwein invented an instrument. It produced all kinds of sounds and noises.

Oskar Sala A German physicist

Oskar Sala is a 20th century German physicist. He was born on July 18, 1910 in Greiz, Thuringia. He comes from a family of musicians. Her father Paul was an ophthalmologist and her mother Annemarie was a singer. Sala created his own compositions in the form of sonatas and violin songs when he was 14 years old. He presents his own works for the first time in his hometown.

Piano and organ studies

Oskar Sala in 1929, studied piano and composition with the composer and violist in Berlin with Paul Hindemith. He followed Dr. Friedrich Trautwein to school. He played with an electronic instrument called Trautonium.


When Sala first heard of a device called Trautonium. He became fascinated with the tonal possibilities and technology of the instrument. His life mission became the mastery of the trautonuim. Which inspired his studies in physics and composition at school. This new direction led Sala to develop his own instrument called the Mixture-Trautonium. In 1930 Sala and Paul Hindemith give a public performance then he leaves for Germany with Trautonium.

Blend – Trautonium

In 1948, the Trautonium was converted into Mixtur Trautonium by Oscar Sala. This instrument allowed for the first time in the history of music the execution of sounds. It’s medieval theory but not really playable. Sala presented a new instrument in 1952 and soon received international circuit licenses.

Film work by Oskar Sala

Oskar Sala worked with many films between 1940 and 1950. He set up his own studio at Mars film GmbH in Berlin.

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