Chess Olympiad announcements will feature Prime Minister, President’s photo: court orders

The Madras High Court has ordered the Tamil Nadu government to ensure that photographs of President and Prime Minister Modi appear in advertisements related to the Chess Olympiad.

The 44th International Chess Olympiad begins today (July 29) in Mamallapuram, near Chennai. Players from 187 countries participate in the tournament. Advertisements were released by the government of Tamil Nadu to popularize the Chess Olympiad. There was an allegation that only Chief Minister Stalin’s picture was on it and Prime Minister Modi’s picture was not on it.

Meanwhile, Rajesh Kumar of Sivaganga has filed a petition with the Madurai High Court asking for the inclusion of Prime Minister Modi’s name and photo in advertisements related to the Chess Olympiad.

In it, “The 44th Chess Olympiad is being held in Mamallapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate these competitions. A huge amount of taxpayers’ money has been spent on promoting the tournament, which will be held from July 28 to August 10. It is an event of international importance and a source of pride for the country.

But the ruling party used this as an event to seek political gain for itself. For this, only the photo of the Prime Minister appeared in the advertisements of this event, excluding the photos of the President and the Prime Minister. It’s illegal.

Therefore, the name and photograph of the President and Prime Minister should be ordered to be included in advertisements related to the 44th Chess Olympiad,” he had stated in the petition.

The case was heard before a bench consisting of Chief Justice Muneeswarnath Bhandari and Justice Anandi. At that time, the government side said, “Due to the election of the President of the Republic, the film of the President of the Republic was not released. While the inauguration of the office of Prime Minister is confirmed on the 22nd, his picture is featured in today’s newspaper. And there is no ulterior motive in that,” it was reported.

To this, the Chief Justice said: “Although the President and Prime Minister were not present, could their picture have been included? In an environment where thousands of athletes from over 100 countries participate, the country must be highlighted.

The case has been adjourned for trial pending the completion of investigations. In this case, judgment has been rendered in the case. “The names and photographs of the President and Prime Minister should appear in advertisements related to international events. Based on this, explanations from the Government of Tamil Nadu are not acceptable.

The government of Tamil Nadu should ensure that the photographs of the President and Prime Minister are placed in all sorts of advertisements related to the Chess Olympiad, such as newspapers and visual media. The judges ordered that if anyone nationalizes advertisements placed with their photos, action should be taken against them.

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