After Eknath Shinde Meets Senior Shiv Sena Leaders, Sanjay Raut Advises: “They Should Show Loyalty…” | Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut on Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde Liladhar Dake Manohar Joshi’s 87th Birthday

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde met with senior Shiv Sena leaders Leeladhar Dake and Manohar Joshi on Thursday. Eknath Shinde said these were goodwill visits. Shiv Sena spokesperson and MP Sanjay Raut questioned Eknath Shinde’s visits. He advised learning four things about loyalty from him while speaking to the media in Delhi.

“Manohar Joshi and Leeladhar Dake held firm with Balasaheb Thackeray, Uddhav Thackeray as bitter Shiv Sainik in tough times. These things are worth learning from Dake and Joshi sir. In many storms and crises, Shiv Sena leader, he remained faithfully with Shiv Sena. Good thing the Chief Minister met such a bitter Shiv Sainiks. It will surely give them inspiration and enlightenment,” said Sanjay Raut.

“Manohar Joshi, Leeladhar Dake are loyal party leaders. There is a lot to learn from them. If the chief minister is going to meet such leaders, he must also learn loyalty,” he advised.

“Maharashtra will once again change power”, Sanjay Rauta’s grand declaration; Says “MLA is in touch with us…”

Talking about the nominations made by the Shinde group, he said, “Shiv Sena is here. What party are they meeting for? What rights do they have? This is Bhatukali’s fight. We don’t take it very seriously.” He also challenged you to form your own party and show your existence.

“I maintain the opinion that there is no reason to be surprised if there is a change of power. It could be a dream. Some want to become chief minister by any means,” he said. -He’s joking.

What is behind this encounter? Meeting with Senior Shiv Sena Leaders of Eknath Shinde; Invite discussions

“We want to bring Shiv Sena back to power in Maharashtra once again. But this power must not be brought by any means. We will bring power through democratic means and that moment will come soon,” he also said.

“The Chief Minister of Maharashtra touring the state is a good thing for the people. Today there was flooding in many places in the state. Much of the agriculture was damaged Opposition leader Ajit Pawar is on Vidarbha tour Cabinet is yet to be formed in the state “There is nothing to criticize if the chief minister of the state takes the time to Delhi to understand the problems of the people of Maharashtra,” said Sanjay Raut.

“We respect the law. The ED probe is open for political pressure. It’s an attempt to suppress my voice. But everyone knows what Sanjay Raut is from the street in Delhi. No matter what pressure I get from any source, this Sanjay Raut will stay with the Shiv Sena until his dying breath, he will not kneel down,” warned Sanjay Raut.

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