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Mumbai- “Mann Udu Udu Jala” is the most popular series on the small screen. The enthusiasm for this series is seen especially among young people. Since its inception, the series has also beaten various series in the TRP competition. Audiences responded to Indra and Dipu’s epic love story. Lagin Ghai is currently shown in the series. While Dipu-Indra’s life is going well, actor Amit Parab, who plays the role of Nayan Kanvinde in the series, has a big storm in his personal life. Amit’s mother recently passed away. She had been ill for several days.

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Amit’s mother had been ill for a few days and was undergoing treatment. But he died on July 20. Amit shared a touching message in memory of his mother. He shared a photo with his mother on Instagram and expressed his feelings.

Posted by Amit Parab

With a heavy heart, Amit wrote, “In every child’s life, the pain of losing a mother is irreparable. The values ​​and morals you have taught me over the past 28 years will stay with me forever. You are a real fighter but fate had something else in mind. I simply accepted God’s will because he assured me that he had better things planned for him on the other side.

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It would have been selfish of me if I hadn’t let you go for your own good. I’m glad I did it to make myself proud. From now on, I will not be with you on the next trip. So take care of yourself and get enough rest. I also prayed to God to have you as my mother when I was born next. I can’t wait to be in your belly again and to live this moment. Until then, please rest. Lots of love from you Sonu.’

Amit very cleverly played the negative character of Nayan Kanvinde in the series. Despite his negative role, Amit received the same love from the audience. Amit has done his MBA. He has completed his studies and is working in the corporate sector. There is no acting background in the family as the father is a government job and the mother is a housewife. While maintaining his job, Amit was seen cultivating his passion for acting in the series “Mann Udu Udu Jala”. Amit fulfilled his mother’s dream by working in the theater field.

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