‘Samshera’ did not pay the public, horrible! Sanjay Dutt fumes in anger

‘Samshera’ couldn’t hold its own at the box office. Even after five years, Ranveer couldn’t come to the screen. And for this reason, another actor in the film, Sanjay Dutt, is very angry. People didn’t give ‘Samshera’ the right price! The actor fumes in anger.

150 crore movie, but this movie couldn’t even do 40 crore business in the first week. This film fails to make a place for itself in the minds of the public. Why is it the ultimate entertainment? In this regard, Sanju Baba expressed his anger to the public. The actor wrote on social media, “Samshera” is our movie. Films are made with passion. Lots of khatni to bring the character to life. We gave a lot to this film. The images are made to entertain the public. And cinema finds its audience. Samshera – The actor didn’t expect to receive such negative comments.

The photo in the face of public anger. Sanjay cannot accept this. To say that the public does not like it. And people who haven’t seen this movie do. It absolutely shouldn’t. At the same time, referring to his long relationship with the director, he said that as a director he could not be compared. They also worked together in the movie Agneepath.

He is mentally broken in such a state of the movie. Say, one day ‘Samshera’ will find its own place. Until that day, I will support this film. There are a lot of memories. We had a lot of great times. Having worked for so many years, we are always on the side of cinema. Ranveer himself has worked with his all. The public does not leave him. “It hurts to see Ranveer fall in the face of such outrage,” Sanju’s father said.

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