Jio breaks a record in terms of broadband service, 80% of customers use Jio fiber.

Friends, by the way, you all know that Reliance Jio launched its Jio SIM card in 2016. Free network and calling function was provided. Reliance Jio has forged a different identity all over the world, while Reliance Jio SIM has also launched its broadband and fiber.

Looking at other companies’ broadband and fiber, Reliance Jio’s fiber broadband has a lot of coating and service, everyone likes to buy Jio’s fiber broadband, 80% of Jio SIM’s customers, 80% of which benefit from Jio. take

Jio company has established nationwide fiber, you can get Jio company fiber in any corner of the country and enjoy its high speed data service, Jio company owner Mukesh Ambani, declares that we are making continuous efforts. this and will continue to provide a facility for the customer, using which the customer can get a lot of benefits and use it wherever there is no network problem.

Jio breaks a record in terms of broadband service

jio company has made wired broadband as well as voice broadband available to its customers, Jio company has joined the list of top companies providing the highest broadband across the country, according to a report by TRAI, there are more than 4,500,000 customers. , use Jio’s broadband. The Jio company has a stake of more than 53% in broadband.

With the increase of Jio company’s fiber, according to an annual report, more than two lakh customers connect to Jio, then you can imagine how good Jio’s service is and how far Jio’s owner Mukesh Ambani, will take this service. want to take

If we tell you based on a report that twice as much data is used in Vodafone and Airtel sims than in Jio sim only, then you can sleep on how much data is used in broadband and fiber. .

In 2022, the annual income of Jio company has increased by 24%. Jio left behind big companies like Airtel and Vodafone while rising in 2022, now Jio company comes in at number one.

Jio Company is the first company in the country to launch its 4G plan nationwide. Jio is considered the first company to launch a 4G plan.

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