France left with a familiar feeling after Euro 2022 defeat, but there is hope for the future

France left with a familiar feeling after Euro 2022 defeat, but there is hope for the future

Milton Keynes, England – Once again a fine French side failed to live up to expectations in a major tournament, with a 2-1 semi-final loss to Germany being the latest in a long series of summer disappointments. However, this time around, something feels different.

At the time of the Women’s Euro 2022, the buzz was general around the France team: they were the favorites, and it was a team which could finally do what its 2011 predecessors had not been able to do. Of course, there were voices of general background noise, displeasure and disbelief within the camp, including a very public fallout between the coach, Corinne Dyker, and several notable international players. Former France goalkeeper Sarah Bouhadi said the team could never have won the title under Dieker and were ready for a post-mortem, a story and ready for their expected quarter-final defeat against the Netherlands.

However, it was not a picture of the restlessness of the France team. The players expressed how happy they were at camp in the atmosphere created by their coach. Whether these opinions are serious or just lines passed to the media to promote a show of unity is known only to the members of the group, but this team seemed to be just that: a team.

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The French players are disappointed with the defeat in the semi-final against Germany. Thor Wegner/Defody Images via Getty Images

Suffocating in the first half against Italy on July 10, there was an understanding, a balance and a will in the group to devote themselves to the cause and the collective. As we have seen with other teams that have come a long way this summer, the team spirit was clearly there, and the atmosphere created by Deacon humbled their players. While his starting XI may not have the best players at his disposal based on raw talent alone, alternative The best possible group is built on solid foundations.

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So despite all the noise, the team actually silenced their critics in those early group stage games, but they met the same fate as countless French teams in major tournaments: football started to stagnate. Done, and the towers were dry.

France could either do something no other French team had done before and build on that success, heading headlong into a major tournament and a silverware final. He could have sanctified the ships, or he could have done so many others and gone too far. In the same way. Even as he headed for his first semi-final spot since 2012, there was a sense of inevitability about what was to happen in Milton Keynes on Wednesday. France had a big lead against the Dutch, but couldn’t finish the game in 90 minutes and would probably have 30 minutes of extra effort to do in the semi-final against Germany, to rest. of time. 48 hours were extra. and get ready.

Dropping record goalscorers Eugenie Le Sommer and Amandine Henry was an option in favor of the side, but it also meant Dyker could get some valuable back-up after losing star striker Marie-Antoinette Cato to injury at the ACL. . Participate in his second group match against Belgium. Katuto was hailed as the difference-maker and striker who could lead the Euro 2011 and 2015 sides to victory, and World Cup success was born a decade earlier.

His injury coincided with a drop in the score. Since its defeat, France has scored four goals from a corner (against Belgium), an open match from the first minute (against Iceland), a penalty in extra time (against the Netherlands) and one of their own. Goal just before half-time (against Germany).

everything was too familiar the lace blues, They were so helpless in front of the target, failing to attack when it really mattered. Despite this, the team played enjoyable football this summer. Even after losing to Germany, their off-the-ball silhouette worked well to cut clear passing lines in the first half as they usually dominated midfield battles, even though Germany lost their found a way to accommodate the protest and get it out.

While Germany coach Martina Vos-Tecklenburg made changes that turned the game in her favor, Decker’s decision-making regarding his bench wasn’t as strong. Bringing Clara Mateo into the game made sense from an attacking perspective, but instead of using her in more central areas to connect with the No.9 or No.10, her deployment on the he right wing allowed him to neutralize the natural play and France left unbalanced. . This meant that winger Kadidiatu Diyani was then chosen for the centre-forward role: a case of the right players being in the wrong positions, a plan almost doomed.

It would be easy enough to lament the missing players or talk about the team that needed Katoto to succeed. But not every team that has won a major tournament has Cato in their team, and in any case, this France team has more than enough goals. the lace blues To be more confident in the final third.

After the morning of the previous night, France showed great promise again with an early return from a major tournament but nothing to show for, the all too familiar feeling of failure. This summer, however, the feeling was different around the France team: the noise coming from outside, and the concern over the irregularities of the critics, remained on the sidelines. In part, the team had actually increased the work of the summer. There is hope for the future of this team even in the cold light of day. The group of youngsters Dyker has brought to England will compete in the World Cup next year, the Olympics in 2024 and the Euros again in 2025.

Diker may not coach until after the next Euro but there is hope for the first time in a long time.

As Dacre said after the loss to Germany: “The desperation is overwhelming right now. But we have a good base. We just need a little time. It was not our night. Maybe it wasn’t our competition this year. , But we’ve built something here with a great group that works hard and doesn’t like to lose.”

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