Domaine des Cumbres: Know the advantages of living in this region

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domain of peaks It is one of those urban developments that can be considered integral. The district is in full commercial growth, but at the same time it is ideal for settling down with the family.

Located in a privileged area of ​​García, belonging to the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, the Dominio Cumbres macroproject offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand you breathe nature, on the other you enjoy the benefits of the big city.

In recent years, the area of ​​Dominio Cumbres has experienced a boom, thanks to the fact that it has developed in a planned way. In other words, parallel to the construction of buildings, public and private services are adapting to new needs.

And it is that in general, the state of New Leo It is going through an excellent economic period. Investments have made the entity grow at a good pace and have made it attractive to new generations of professionals.

It can also be noted that growth and demand have led to the development of increasingly efficient urban centers. This means they go beyond the basics and add convenience and comfort.

Quality makes the difference

Nuevo León maintained in 2022 the second place of competitiveness according to ICE. What does it mean? Which is the second state in the Republic of Mexico with the greatest capacity to attract and retain investment and talent.

These are good news for those who intend to make a real estate investment in Nuevo León. According to ICE, the entity has a reliable and objective legal system and effective and sustainable environmental management.

Enough reasons to consider Nuevo León as an ideal state to settle down with your family. Especially if there is the possibility of choosing the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey.

This region is known for its charming neighborhoods, in addition to having good educational, cultural and entertainment centers. Not to mention its proximity to Mariano Escobedo International Airport.

Dominio Cumbres is located in the state of Nuevo León, one of the states with the highest economic growth in the country.

And in the western zone of the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, is Dominio Cumbres. Their spectacular views and avant-garde urban developmentsmake it the best alternative when choosing an area to own.

The quality of life that can be gained by living in Dominio Cumbres is above average. It is thanks to the fact that in a few minutes, without long journeys, you can enjoy good services, educational, commercial or entertainment centers.

Real estate promotions at Domaine Cumbres

The alternatives of real estate developments in Dominio Cumbres are varied. They can be found tailored to the needs of prospects. The key in these cases is to seek professional advice to find the best option.

professional advisers such as looking for a house, who can guide you in realizing your dream of owning a property. A house to see your family grow and provide it with the well-being it deserves.

Because the acquisition of a property is an important step, especially when you want the best. And Dominio Cumbres is an area you should explore, as in addition to the properties already established, new ones are also being built.

It’s an ever-evolving field with untapped potential that you can’t lose from your radar.

But let’s see it in detail. Next, we give you the top reasons to consider a property in Dominio Cumbres as your next real estate investment.


The provision of public and private services in the area of ​​Dominio Cumbres is effective. Efforts to improve these – internet, water, medical services – as the region’s working population grows are evident.

With the family in mind, educational centers have been created in these areas at all levels that meet high quality standards. It should also be noted that there are nationally and internationally recognized universities nearby.

As for the commercial areas, they are also remarkable. There are large entertainment, shopping and even sports centers. They are spacious spaces to provide comfort regardless of the flow of people who visit them.

A great advantage of this area is that some surrounding areas are considered tourist attractions. This means that in certain seasons of the year they can receive many local and foreign visitors.

The service offer in the area is efficient and is constantly being optimized due to the increase in urban development

If we talk about public transport, the area in general has different mobility alternatives. Buses, taxis and services by apps.

Each urban center of Dominio Cumbre offers private services to attract prospects. There are urbanizations with more or less equipment and services, which are subject to the possibilities and budgets of the owners.

Job Opportunities

One of the most interesting points in this area is its good projections for economic growth. As we have already seen, Nuevo León is a consolidated and attractive entity for investment.

This state projection is also reflected in its localities. This is why Dominio Cumbres and its surroundings are considered prosperous and with good prospects to continue growing in the future.

The entity in general has multiple sources of employment. With the establishment of national and foreign companies in these areas, employment opportunities are increasing.

New fields of work have been created, thanks to the incursion of these foreign companies. Opportunities can be found, for example, in the aerospace industry, biotechnology, interactive media and sustainable construction.

Similarly, initiatives in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises have been strengthened. With the arrival of the new generation of professionals, this type of business model has been promoted.

Your location

Nuevo León is an entity with a privileged location. This condition benefits all its locations. Their the proximity to the United States and other productive entities makes it particularly attractive for investment.

This proximity makes trade efficient, which contributes to the economic aspect. It also promotes tourism and exchanges in the cultural and educational fields.

As for Dominio Cumbres specifically, it is also a privileged area beyond economics. It is very close to the Sierra de las Mitras and this wins it many nature lovers.

In times when those of us who want to escape the city, environments such as those around Dominio Cumbres are ideal.

weather and traffic

The climate of the Dominio Cumbres region is warm, with constant temperature fluctuations. Although it is pleasant most of the year. The hottest months are July and August and there are two rainy seasons.

This type of climate allows many outdoor activities to increase the well-being of the family.

Traffic is an issue that needs attention. As is the case with almost all Mexican cities, mobility is a concern for its citizens. But the authorities are making efforts to improve roads and means of transport.

It was announced this year that the Transmetro will be expanded so that public transport can reach more points. For example, in García, an area of ​​influence of Dominio Cumbres, two main lines will arrive.


In the domain of Dominio Cumbres, safety is a priority. Some urban developments are privatewhich allows better control of the entrances and exits of the complexes.

In the same way, local authorities are constantly looking for solutions to such an important problem as security.

Real estate capital gains

Dominio Cumbres is becoming one of the areas with the greatest added value in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey and García. The urban developments that are built in the city are very attractive.

Many of these developments are sold as projects. This allows you to make investments with more austere budgetsbut in the future, when they are completed, their amount will increase.

In the surroundings of Dominio Cumbres, the construction of commercial and cultural buildings is also planned, which increases the added value. As well as investments in roads and services by local authorities.

The possibility, if it arises, of buy land and later plan the construction of the property. It’s another way to safely invest in an area with a clear growth projection.


Dominio Cumbres is a booming area that offers many advantages to those who decide to live there. It is an area surrounded by nature, but also, at a short distance, you can enjoy the activities of a big city.

The urban developments that have been built and are being built in Dominio Cumbres are ideal for investment. Because? Because they have competitive profitability levels.

It is an area with growing commercial activities. Likewise, job vacancies attract a young and well-prepared professional population.

Raising a family and ensuring their well-being at Dominio Cumbres is a dream come true. And it is that the educational offer is superior. There are recognized educational centers at all levels.

In terms of entertainment and recreation, it is equally remarkable. Touristically, it is attractive and its landscapes and nature are perfect for postcards.

Thinking about investing in Dominio Cumbres is a success, more so if you do it with the help of professional advisors. At Buscando Casa we have advisers who can help you achieve your goal to acquire the property of your dreams. Contact us.

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