The EC allows seventeen year olds to register in advance on the electoral list: prior registration on the electoral list before the age of 18, new system of the Commission

The age of 18 can vote. Names can be entered on the list of the Electoral Commission. Until now, this rule was in force. The Electoral Commission initiated the early registration process to encourage the younger generation to vote. The commission informed that 17-year-olds will benefit from this advantage.

Previously, the electoral list was revised twice a year. He found that those who were 17 at the end of the year could not vote in important elections even if they were 18. Because the list has not been revised. In other words, their names were not included in the electoral list. This is why the commission has introduced new rules.

If you register in advance, there will be no problem in these cases. Not only that, keeping the convenience of voters in mind, the commission has also decided to revise the list four times every three months in one year from now. In this case, the commission believes that voters who are about to turn 18 will receive special benefits through early registration.

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Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar and Election Commissioner Anupachandra Pandey said work on the review will start on April 1, July 1, October 1 and January. Young people aged 17 can request their registration on the electoral lists before this date. After registration, a photo ID will be given to them.

The Commission has already ordered all States and Union Territories to take all necessary steps in this regard. In addition, those who have just turned 18 can also apply four times a year to have their names entered on the electoral list, the commission said. The Commission has also initiated the process of making the necessary amendments to Section 14(b) of the Representation of the People Act 1950 and the Electoral Act 1960 for the amended process.

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