The engineering craze is back: 2,000 applications for the first time!

For the first time, 2 lakh applications have been registered for the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission (TNEA) board.

2 lakh 11,000,905 applications have been registered for the Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions Board (TNEA). 36,000,945 more requests than last year.

While the craze for engineering studies has faded over the years, more students have applied for engineering counseling this year. Students are more interested in taking computer-related courses.

Admissions for computer-related courses in the management department seats of major educational institutes are over. After the CBSE 12 class results were released on July 22, 20,000 people applied within the next 5 days.

Educators say engineering colleges charge high fees for direct admission, so students opt for colleges through counseling. Educator Jayaprakash Gandhi said: “Last year BA, BSC and NEET applicants also applied for engineering consultancy. They opt for engineering because there are more interview opportunities on campus.

Also, students have opted for the counseling method as major educational institutes charge high fees for IT-related courses,” he said.

The director of a leading private educational institute in Chennai said, “Students are showing interest in taking courses in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber ​​Security, electronics and communications engineering. Places in the management category are full in these courses. In some colleges, places in the mechanics department are also full,” he said.

Due to the delay in releasing CBSE Class 12 results, the Tamil Nadu government has extended the application date for engineering courses till July 27. Dates for releasing random numbers and verifying certificates will be announced shortly. He was also informed that online counseling will start on August 22 as planned.

There are 1.4 lakh government quota seats in engineering colleges. Academics say there will be a competition to select these locations.

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