Ajit Pawar’s landmark statement on power shift, said ‘On my muhurta…’ | ajit pawar said he knows nothing about the fall of eknath shinde government

Eknath Shinde as Chief Minister and Devendra Fadnavis as Deputy Chief Minister lead the state after the handover of power. Although nearly a month has passed, the cabinet of the Shinde government has yet to be expanded. Although this is the case, the Shiv Sena and Congress claim that this government is short-lived and may collapse at any time. While this is the case, NCP State Chairman Jayant Patil also said that we will return to power and also give time for that. The Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Ajit Pawar reacted to this declaration. Ajit Pawar said I am not a person who believes in Muhurta.

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“I am not a person who believes in Muhurta. All Maharashtra knows that I fulfill my oath seriously. Initially, I became a deputy. I became a deputy. He had become Minister of State. He became Deputy Chief Minister four times. But each time I took the oath seriously. I also fulfill the oath taken. I don’t know the time, etc. said Ajit Pawar.

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There will still be a change of power

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut had also made a statement saying MPs are in touch with us and there will be a power shift. “It is certain that the 16 deputies will be disqualified because it is assured that no judge of the Supreme Court will render judgments contrary to the Constitution and the law. These deputies have to merge with other parties to save themselves, but after that they can no longer be called Shiv Sainiks. We have an idea of ​​the number of MPs who are mentally ready to merge with another party. MPs are in contact with us,” said Sanjay Raut. He also said there was no need to be surprised if there was another change of government in Maharashtra in the future.

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