Flaxseed demand has increased in Bihar markets, know its benefits

Flaxseed is a valuable oilseed crop. The flaxseed crop is grown commercially. Due to being a versatile crop, the demand for flax seeds has increased a lot in the country nowadays. The amount of oil is found in flaxseeds. used in the manufacture of medicines Its oil is used in the preparation of ink and ink pads for printing presses.

Flaxseed is used in many ways

Linseed oil is also used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes. To cure boils on the body, make a poultice relieves. Linseed oil is also used in lighting lamps. India ranks fourth in the world in flaxseed production. High-quality fiber is obtained from the stalk of flax seeds, from which flax is also prepared.

High quality nutrients are in her cake

Linseed meal is used as feed for dairy animals. High quality nutrients are found in its meal. Due to which it is also used as manure. Flax plant wood Parts and small fibers are also used for papermaking. Black loamy soil with good drainage is necessary in the cultivation of flaxseeds. According to the modern concept, any type of soil with good disposition of water and fertilizers can be successfully carried out cultivation of flaxseeds.

Cold and dry climate suitable for growing flax

The cold and dry climate is considered suitable for the cultivation of flax, its cultivation is done after the cultivation of Rabi, the flax grain is small and fine. That is why for a good germination it is necessary to have the friable field. There are such as RL 914, Jawahar 23, Pusa 2, PK DL 42, Jawahar Alsi – 552 etc.

Plants are planted as seeds

In irrigated plots, sowing should be done in the first half of October, and in irrigated plots in the first half of November. Flax seedlings are planted in the form of seeds. For this, the seeds are sprinkled in the field or the sowing method is used. . The planting of its seeds is also done in rows. Flax plants only need two to three irrigations. After 120 days of sowing, the flax plants are ready to produce. Its harvest is done at the root. You have to do it nearby. Its yield is also different based on different varieties.

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