Jorhat-Kolkata IndiGo flight skids off runway during takeoff, safely

An IndiGo plane has escaped from a major accident. This caused great panic among the passengers. The plane is known to have skidded off the runway on the way to Kolkata. A major accident was avoided thanks to the actions of the pilot. Officials said: “There were a total of 98 passengers on the plane. Within an hour, all IndiGo passengers were safely disembarked. Passengers were brought to the waiting room of airport. They were served food and drink”.

The scheduled Jorhat-Kolkata flight from Assam was canceled due to the incident. IndiGo flight 6E-757 took off from Jorhat at 2:20 p.m. Thursday. But after moving a bit, the plane’s wheels got stuck in the mud. Despite prolonged efforts to repair the technical fault, the aircraft was ultimately cancelled.

Passengers inside the plane panicked during the sudden incident. But the air staff tried to calm them down. However, no one was injured in the incident. In an interview with Indian Express by DGCA Chief Arun Kumar a few days ago, he claimed, “The long lockdown due to Covid is one of the major reasons for the technical malfunction of the aircraft. Vigilance on this subject is increased for the safety of the aircraft and to avoid accidents”.

He further said, “According to official data from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), more than 460 technical issues were reported by airlines in India in the last year.”

Kumar added: “The first thing that is needed in this case is, ‘As a flight crew, you need to be alert, alert and take immediate action as soon as you understand the dynamics of the situation. No matter can be left out”.

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Over the past few months, technical failures have appeared on one aircraft after another. Sometimes there was a burning smell in the cabin of the plane, sometimes there were engine problems, and in all cases technical faults appeared. In this case, however, he also highlighted the skills of the pilots. Incidentally, the SpiceJet Boeing 737 flight from Delhi to Dubai encountered issues with the in-flight fuel tank. For this reason, the planned route was changed and the plane was taken to Pakistan. The pilot made an emergency landing at Karachi airport. At that time, there were 150 passengers on the plane.

In another incident, an Air India Boeing 787 between Dubai and Kochi suffered mechanical problems in flight. The DGCA is also concerned about the issue of several technical issues.

In another incident, an IndiGo flight made an emergency landing at Karachi airport due to mechanical failure. According to DGCA sources, SpiceJet faced eight technical issues during the month of May-June. Due to which the airline was also ordered to justify.

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