Pune: The acquaintance of a young man with an unknown girl is expensive; 67 lakh gajaad extortion

A young man’s friendship with a stranger cost him dearly. It was revealed that the young woman and her accomplices extorted an extortion from Rs. After the young man, frightened by the threats, filed a complaint with the criminal section, the two Saraites were arrested.

The names of those arrested are Chetan Ravindra Hingmire (Rest. Kalepadal Hadapsar), Nikhil alias Gaurav Dnyaneshwar Mhetre (Rest. Gadital Hadapsar). A file was registered at the Kondhwa police station against three people including a young woman in this case.

A 26-year-old youth filed a complaint in this regard. The young applicant’s cousin has a stone crushing business. He works as a supervisor in his cousin’s company. The young man has financial relations with Khadi Machine. Last year in January he traveled to Koregaon Bhima area on Nagar road. At that time, he was staying in a lodge there. At that time, he was asked to contact the young woman, giving her her mobile number.

Extorted money pretending to be pregnant –

The complainant was identified as a young man and a young woman. The two met in the Bopdev Ghat area. After getting to know the young woman, he helped her financially. The girl then asked him for money to buy a bicycle. The young man sent him 25,000 rupees online. After that, the young woman contacted him again. The girl told him she was pregnant and will inform her husband Chetan Hingmare. The frightened young man gave money to the accused young woman and Hingmire.

The frightened young man finally filed a complaint with the Crime Branch –

After that, the case was taken to Wanwadi Police and defendant Nikhil Mhetre said the girl was underage. The accused called the young plaintiff to Wagholi and threatened to kill him. 67 lakh 7 thousand 553 rupees were extorted from him from time to time. The frightened youngster eventually filed a complaint with the criminal section. Senior Police Inspector Hemant Patil of Criminal Branch Unit 5 and the team arrested Defendants Hingmire and Mhetre. Police Inspector Patil said the accused is Chetan Sarait and the search for other accused who have been registered in this case is ongoing.

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