What is a VPN, its benefits and how it works (VPN in Hindi)

What is a VPN: as the Internet As internet usage increases, so does the security of internet usage. People are shopping online, transacting, investing, Company Today everyone does it only via the Internet, in such a situation, some malicious people have made fraud, scam their business on the Internet.

You must have often heard that many people are deceived by the Internet. Bank account become empty, personal information is disclosed. In such a situation, the question remains in everyone’s mind that how to protect themselves on the Internet. This is where the concept of VPN comes in. Thanks to the VPN, an Internet user can freely access the Internet without worrying about security.

VPN on the Internet is a technology that every Internet user should know about, which is why we have written this article for you today. In this article, you will learn that vpn What Eastvpn Work How Is Eastvpn of use the computer And Mobile In How dovpn Of Advantages And damage What Eh And vpn And Proxy server In What difference East.

If you want to get all this information about VPN, read the article till the end. So let’s start today’s article without taking much of your time. what is a vpn in hindi.

What is a VPN, its benefits and how it works (VPN in Hindi)

What is a VPN (What is a VPN in Hindi)

VPN (vpn) which is called Virtual Private Network, it is such a Network Technology that is a public network (Internet) or a private network (Wireless) makes it safe.

VPN user location, online identity, IP adress Mask etc. so that no user information is transmitted to the IPS (internet service provider) or the hacker. VPN keeps the user’s identity completely confidential, so that the user’s identity when accessing the Internet Data Stay completely safe.

Apart from securing data, a blocked website can also be accessed through a VPN. Like if you live in India and want to access a blocked website in India, you can access that blocked website from any other country through VPN.

Many companies, organizations or individuals use VPN. You can use the VPN on any portable device, computer, tablet, smartphone, iPhone, etc.

What is VPN Full Form (VPN Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network, also called Virtual Private Network in Hindi.

After reading this article, you must have understood that What is a VPN, now know how a VPN works.

How VPN Works

every time you Web browser When I request to open a website, this request is first sent to your ISP (internet service provider), IPS connects you to the server of this website.

in this Waiter And all information that is exchanged between you stays with the ISP and the website server. The ISP and server find out where the request is coming from through your IP address, device ID, etc. In this, your data does not remain confidential. VPN is used to solve this problem.

When you request to open a website via VPN, your request does not go to the ISP and goes to the VPN’s server. Now the VPN connects to the website server using your IP address on your behalf and shows you the information as per your request.

vpn in hindivpn in hindi
How VPN works

When requested via VPN, your IP address, device ID does not go to the ISP and website server and the VPN setup between you and your browser is fully encrypted. In this way, the VPN makes your identity private. And help you have secure Internet access.

How to Use VPN (How to Setup VPN in Hindi)

Using the VPN is very simple. You can use the VPN on desktop and mobile. We have told you about the two methods below.

1 – How to use VPN on computer

  • To use a VPN on a computer, you first need a VPN Software will need to be installed.
  • After that, open the VPN and enable the VPN.
  • this way you the computer I can activate the VPN.
  • You can also change the location if you wish.

Best VPN for Computer

Well, there are many VPN software available for computers, some of which are free and some of which are paid. We have told you about some of the best VPNs below in the article.

  • FinchVPN
  • cyber-ghost
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Total VPN
  • Surf easily
  • Open VPN

2 – How to use the VPN on mobile

  • To use the VPN on mobile, you must first download the VPN app from your Play Store or App Store.
  • After installing the VPN app on mobile, open the app and set up the desired location.
  • After setting the location, you connect your mobile browser to the VPN by clicking Connect.
  • By clicking on Connect, the VPN will be activated on your mobile.

Best VPN for mobile

As with computers, many free and paid VPN apps are also available for mobiles. Here are some popular mobile VPN apps.

  • NordVPN
  • VPN Tiger
  • Safer VPN
  • express-vpn
  • Buffered VPN

Advantages of VPN (Advantage of VPN in Hindi)

Using VPN has many advantages for the user such as –

  • Using a VPN protects user data from hackers.
  • VPN keeps user identity confidential.
  • The VPN also does the job of increasing internet performance.
  • The user can also access the blocked website through VPN.
  • VPN also gives the user the freedom to access secure internet.

Disadvantage of VPN

Apart from the advantages of VPN, there are also disadvantages such as –

  • By using a VPN, the user’s identity does not go to the internet, but all of the user’s data is present on the VPN server.
  • Not All VPN Providers Are Trustworthy Some VPN providers share user data with third parties.
  • Most reliable VPNs are not free, you have to pay to use them.
  • Many hackers also use the VPN so that they can also hide their identity.

Who Should Use VPN

The VPN should be used by every user who shares sensitive information on various websites on the Internet, such as bankinggovernment body, cryptocurrency And Market share In tradeThis user must use a VPN.

But if you only use the Internet for entertainment or occasionally to find information, etc., using a VPN is not so important for you.

Should You Use a Free VPN

As we told you above, most free VPNs are unreliable, Free VPNs do not completely secure your data and they may also share your data with third parties, so Free VPN You should avoid using

Difference Between VPN and Proxy Server

If you have read our article on Proxy Server, this question must come to mind: what is the difference between VPN and Proxy Server.

VPN and proxy servers keep user’s online identity confidential, help user block access to website and protect user’s data from hackers. The functions of both are almost the same, but there are also some differences, which we have explained to you in the table below.

VPN (virtual private network) Proxy server
VPNs encrypt all user traffic. It protects you from ISP tracking, government surveillance and hackers. while Proxy server does not encrypt all traffic
vpn Operating system Works at the same level and can redirect all user traffic through the VPN server. Proxy servers operate at the application level and can only forward a browser or application.
For the most reliable VPNs, you have to pay. While most proxy servers are free.
VPN connections are more reliable. Proxy servers are less reliable than VPNs.
If you want to secure sensitive information, VPN is best. If you only want to hide the identity and block access to the website, you can use a proxy server.
Difference between VPN and Proxy Server in Hindi

FAQ section: What is a VPN in Hindi

What is the full name of the VPN?

The full name of the VPN is Virtual Private Network, also called Virtual Private Network in Hindi.

Explain what a VPN is?

VPN is a network technology that secures insecure connections and allows users to freely access the Internet.

What does the VPN do?

VPN keeps user data private and helps user to access blocked website.

read them too

Conclusion: What is a Hindi VPN?

In this article, we have tried that you What is a VPN In Hindi You can access comprehensive information on the subject. We hope after reading this article, you must have understood VPN well.

I hope friends, you must have liked this article, also share this article with your friends on social media and keep visiting our blog to read similar articles. Thank you for reading the article to the end.

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