VIRAL VIDEO: The woman wasn’t even afraid of the thief’s knife, so she was running away from the thief by hitting him with a rag, you’ll hold your stomach and laugh… | woman fights a thief with a cleaning cloth in her bakery in the netherlands watch viral video prp 93

The world of social media is full of funny videos. No one can say what will go viral. Currently, a funny video of a thief is going viral. This thief breaks into a bakery to steal…he’s armed with a knife, but a woman in the shop beats him to death with a rag, and you can’t help but laugh. You will also be surprised to see that a thief who comes with a knife is killed with a rag. But it actually happened.

In this video which is going viral on social media, a woman can be seen cleaning a bakery when suddenly a thief dressed in black enters the bakery to steal money from the aisle. The woman, Latif Pekar, was behind the counter of her son’s bakery. At first, Latif Pekar gets scared after seeing a thief break into his bakery. But seeing that the thief takes the money from her son’s bakery, this woman could not be spared. This time she started to fight with this thief with this cloth which was in her hand. Interestingly, this thief had a knife in her hand, but the woman was not afraid of the thief’s knife and fearlessly began to fight the thief with the only help of her clothes. She tries to push him away to stop him from stealing the money. In this, the thief tries to catch him, but the woman is above him.

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What happens next in this video is quite interesting and funny. As the thief tries to catch the woman, the woman takes the chance and catches the thief with her clothes. At this time, the thief tries for a long time to escape the claws of this woman. But this woman held him so tightly that he couldn’t escape. Hearing noise in the bakery, a man comes and seeing this, the thief takes advantage and runs away. You might be shocked at first watching the video, but at the way the woman chases the thief, you can’t help but laugh. You will be surprised to see, but this thief, who came with a knife, after being hit by the woman’s clothes, finally panicked and ran away.

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Watch this viral video here:

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This incident happened at Mevlana Bakery in the Netherlands. The video of this incident went viral and it was shared by writer Tansu Yegen on Twitter. Seeing this video, it is hard for many people to believe. Also, many users appreciate the woman for how she faced the thief with nothing in her hand. People liked this video a lot. This video has received over 56,000 views so far. One user wrote, “If you’ve seen Donnie Yen’s Ipman he uses a fan duster as his weapon. This woman has done a lot. Say hello!” Another user wrote, “OMG she reminds me of my grandma.”

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