Salman Khan, Will Kiccha Sudeep direct Salman Khan’s film? Look What The Actor Said – Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan Will Work Under Kichcha Sudeepa

Mumbai: Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep’s recently released film Vikrant Rona is getting a lot of praise. After starring, Kiccha Sudeep will now also direct. The important thing is that he will bring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in this movie. But fans will have to wait a bit longer, he said.

Good Sudeep-Salman bond
Sudeep worked with Salman Khan in the film Dabangg 3. Salman Khan also presented the Hindi version of his film Vikrant Rona. Off-screen, Salman and Sudeep have a good friendship. Even before that, Sudeep had expressed his desire to take on Salman and direct the film. Now Kiccha Sudeep has confirmed this in an interview. Just wait a bit, he said.

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The film will be ready at the right time
In an interview with Pinkvilla, Kichcha Sudeepa said, “The process for this film started last year. Now I want to tell the story to Salman. Salman’s nod should come later. Then the shooting will begin. But Salman bhai is busy. A lot of people want to make a movie with him. Our discussion continues. The cinema will arrive at the right time.

Salman watched the movie for 18 minutes
In the same interview, Sudeep said that Bhaijaan helped Vikrant Rona. Salman received an offer to present this film in Hindi, so he immediately accepted it. Sudeep said Salman only watched 18 minutes of the film and finalized the deal.

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Kiccha Sudeep’s real name is Sudeep Sanjeev. It is also known as Sudeep. Kiccha Sudeep is a Kannada cinema superstar. He is also a famous director, producer, director in the Kannada entertainment world. Kiccha Sudeep, 48, has also acted in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films outside of Kannada. Kichcha has worked in many Bollywood films. These include Dabangg 3, Phoonk, Run, Phoonk 2, Raktacharitra 1 and Salman Khan’s Raktacharitra 2.

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