What is sharechat app and how to make money with sharechat 2022

Sharechat with Paise Kaise Kamaye: We are with you in a variety of Paise Kamane Wala App Let’s share the information using which you can earn money sitting at home.

Through this article today, we will give you information about one of the best apps to earn money, whose name is Share chat.

In this article you share chat application What East, share chat In Account How Craft, share chat To use How do And Sharechat with Paise Kaise Kamaye You will get complete information on how you can make money online with entertainment.

What is Sharechat App

Sharechat is a video downloader app that My app, MX Takatak app, Roposo App Like etc. is a video sharing application. Through the sharechat application, you can earn money while having fun.

What is Sharechat app and how to make money with Sharechat

In this app, you can post videos, photos, songs, etc. and also download Status for whatsapp. This is a very fun app.

Who created sharechat app

Sharechat application was created by Kanpur students and its beta version was launched in 2015. But Sharechat was made available to everyone in December 2015.

how to download sharechat app

You can easily use sharechat app Google Play Store can download from. You search by typing Sharechat in the search bar of the Play Store, this application will be easily accessible to you.

Sharechat app size in google play store is 43MB, rating is 4.3 and more than 100 million people have installed and using it on their mobile.

how to create account in sharechat app

Creating an account on Sharechat app is very easy, you can create your account in this app at any step. If you don’t know how to create an account in Sharechat or you face any problem while creating the account then follow the step-by-step process given below –

  • Step 1 As soon as you install and open the Sharechat app, you will be asked to select your language. All languages ​​here are Indian.
  • 2nd step After that, you will be asked to enter the mobile number, enter your mobile number and click on the option with Get OTP. Enter your same number from which you have a Paytm account.
  • Step 3 Then an OTP will come to your registered mobile number, you enter the correct OTP and click on submit button.
  • Walk 4 Then a new page will open in front of you and confirm by entering your name, gender and date of birth.
  • Step 5 After going through all this process, your account will be activated in Sharechat App.

So, this is the simple process of creating an account in the Sharechat app, through which you can easily create an account in the Sharechat app.

how to use sharechat app

After creating an account in Sharechat app, it is very easy to use, on its homepage, you get five options –

  • residenceYou will see Home option at the very beginning, here you can see many kinds of photos, videos. You can like, comment, share and save any post.
  • Treasure You will find the treasure option next to the house. In this, you will be able to see many categories. You can select the video category you want to watch.
  • + icon – With this option you can post your photo, video in sharechat account.
  • discuss In this option you can chat with your friends.
  • Moz light In this sharechat option you will be able to see many funny videos.

At the top of the sharechat homepage, you have 4 options –

  • Hindi – Here you will have the name of the language you have selected, from here you can change the language.
  • Sponsor and earn Here you will get an Indian Rupee symbol, from which you can earn money by referring the Sharechat app with your friends. Apart from that, here you get other options like Reward, Leaderboard, and FAQ which will help you earn money.
  • bell icon You can see the notification received in the Sharechat app from here.
  • Profile In this option you can edit your profile.

About sharechat app category

In sharechat, you get 13 different types of categories. You can see related photos and videos in each type of category. There are 13 categories of ShareChat as follows –

  • Next – You get to see photos, videos of people you have followed in this category.
  • popular – In this category, you can see the types of videos that have gone viral.
  • video – All ShareChat users who post their videos daily, you can see their videos in this category.
  • Moz Light – In this category, you will be able to see many types of funny videos.
  • Last – Whatever the latest videos uploaded in sharechat, you will be able to see them in this category.
  • Coronavirus – Videos related to the corona virus that raise awareness in society, you will find them in this category.
  • To like – Love poetry, love songs, etc. will be seen in this category.
  • work – In this share category you will get many job related updates.
  • dedication You will find devotional songs, videos, photos in this category.
  • Funny Jokes, entertainment videos are seen in this category.
  • education If you want to read something, you will get a lot of content in this category.
  • WhatsApp You in this category WhatsApp You can upload short video, photo for status.
  • Material You can read stories in the literature category.
  • Best wishes Whenever there is a festival or festival, check this category to share videos, photos related to greetings.

How To Make Money With Sharechat App (Make Money With Sharechat In Hindi)

So far we have given you all the information related to sharechat app, now come to the most important point. Sharechat with Paise Kaise Kamayou.

To earn money on sharechat, you can use the methods mentioned by us-

#1 – Earn money by joining the Sharechat Champion Program

The best way to make money with Sharechat is through the Sharechat Champion program. You can earn money by joining the Sharechat Champion program. Now the first question that may come to your mind is how to join the Sharechat Champion program, let’s explain how –

How to join the Sharechat Champion program

To join the Sharechat Champion program, you must first upload at least 3 videos. Only then can you apply for the Champion program.

After uploading three videos to apply for the Sharechat Champion program, a star icon will appear in your profile option. After clicking on this icon, you can apply for the Champion program.

After applying for the Sharechat Champion program, your form will be reviewed and after a few days, your form will be accepted. So, in this way, you can join the Sharechat Champion program.

How to make money with the Sharechat Champion program

Now the next step is to earn money through the Sharechat Champion program. So for this you need to upload 3 or more videos per day. All of this video must be yours and must be shot with a share camera.

After that, the ranking of your video is decided based on the Likes, Views, and Shares you get on your video. Videos are ranked for 1 week. If your video will be number one for the whole week, you will get Rs 12000 for it.

#2 – Earn money with ShareChat through the Refer and Earn program

You can also earn money by inviting your friends in the sharechat app. Whoever people in your contact, you invite them to Sharechat, if all people join Sharechat from your invite link, you will receive money in return.

#3 – You can make money with sharechat by sharing

You also get paid for sharing photos, videos on sharechat. Whatever video you like in Sharechat app, you can share it with your friends via social media. When people see that video or photo, you also get money back.

If you also put regular content in Sharechat, you can make more money from it, when your follower count increases, you Affiliate MarketingYou can earn more money through sponsorship, product promotion, etc.

But initially, the three methods mentioned above are the best to make money from sharechat.

read them and earn money

how to withdraw money from sharechat app

It is very easy to withdraw money from sharechat, in this you don’t have to do any withdrawal process. Whenever you create a sharechat account, the number you use is your Payment Must be linked to account.

When you get 500 rupees in your sharechat account, the money you earned will be transferred to your Paytm account by default.

How to Share or Save Photos and Videos in Sharechat

Under any photo or video in Sharechat, you will find a WhatsApp icon from which you can share any photo and video.

Along with this, you will also get the option to save, from where you can save the photo or video to your gallery.

FAQ for Sharechat App in Hindi

Sharechat is an app from which country?

ShareChat is an Indian app developed by Kanpur students.

How much money can I earn with sharechat?

If you work in sharechat even 3-4 hours a day, you can earn 500-1000 rupees in the beginning.

How much money do you earn by inviting friends to share?

If your friends sign up by downloading the Sharechat app from your link, you get Rs 40 for each sign up.

How many friends can I invite in the sharechat app?

You can invite 20,000 of your friends to share in a month.

Conclusion – How to Make Money Sharing Chat in Hindi

So friends it wasWhat is Sharechat AppComplete information about. If you work even 3-4 hours a day on Sharechat app, you can earn a lot of money from Sharechat app.

Hope you like this article written by us Sharechat with Paise Kaise Kamaye You must have liked, share this article with your friends and earn money by inviting them to share.

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