Mumbai: rickshaw taxi fare will be increased; After transport department assurance, rickshaw-taxi union strike averted Rickshaw-taxi fare will rise Taxi-rickshaw union strike averted after department assurance transport mumbai print news amy 95

The rickshaw-taxi unions announced they would end the strike that had been going on since August 1 after the Department of Transportation promised to make a decision on the proposed fare increase during a Mumbai Metropolitan Transport Authority meeting.

Due to the increase in the price of CNG, the demand for an increase in the fare of rickshaw taxis was growing stronger. But as this demand was not taken into account at the government level, the rickshaw-taxi unions had warned to go on strike from August 1st. However, a proposal to increase the rickshaw fare has been prepared and the Department of Transport has assured the organizations that a decision will be taken on this at the earliest meeting of the Transport Authority of the Mumbai metropolitan area. Consequently, the rickshaw-taxi unions in Mumbai and the Konkan region have decided to withdraw from the strike.

It was mentioned in the letter sent by the Transport Commissioner’s office that the proposal for the fare increase is ready and that a decision will be taken as soon as possible. Hence, Mumbai Taximen’s Union General Secretary A. L Quadros told Loksatta.

The Transport Department has also sent a letter in this regard to Tambi Kurien, General Secretary of Mumbai Rickshawmen’s Union. Konkan Division Rickshaw Taxi Federation Secretary Vinayak Surve met with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde for the request. Surve also agreed to withdraw the strike.

It is understood that the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority is considering raising the minimum fare for rickshaws from two to three rupees and that of taxis from three to four rupees.

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