Jharkhand cabinet meeting: seal on 29 proposals, MLA fund increased to 5 crores, MNREGA workers’ fees increased

Jharkhand News: A Cabinet meeting was held at the Ministry of Jharkhand. In this 29 proposals were approved. Under this, approval was given to increase the amount of the MLA scheme from Rs 4 crore to Rs 5 crore per MLA per financial year. Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, approval has been given to revise the monthly fees for regional agents/contract workers. Jharkhand State Journalists Health Insurance Scheme 2021 has been approved for journalists serving in the state of Jharkhand.

Approval of the review of arbitrators’ fees

Approval has been given for the review of fees of arbitrators appointed by the Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority, Ranchi. Sangeeta Kumari, then Specialist (DGO) Women Medical Officer Referral Hospital, Dumri Samprati Medical Officer, Community Health Center, Gomia, Bokaro has been cleared to be discharged. Approval was given to dismiss Dr. Ashutosh, Tutor, Department of Anatomy, Shaheed Nirmal Mahato Medical College (PMCH), Dhanbad from the ward. WP (C) NO. 1929/2014 Shree Shakambhari Industries Private Limited v Government of India and others by Market Committee Pakur from 6th Dec 2008 to 4th July 2011 to remove claim for arrears by upholding claim for 1% fee of contract increased from December 6, 2008 to July 4, 2011. was approved.

Retirement age raised from 65 to 67

Under the centrally sponsored mission Saksham Anganwadi and Nutrition 2.0, under the integrated child development program run by the department, for payment of salaries, etc. to regular officers and staff, Sous-chef-B3-ICDS, for payment of salaries, etc. The proposal to obtain it from the State Provident Fund (ICF) was approved a posteriori. Approval has been given to increase the retirement age of non-teaching doctors/specialist doctors in the Jharkhand Health Service from 65 years to 67 years. To start the medical scheme of Jharkhand Hriday, by relaxing the provisions of rule 235 of the financial regulations, under rule 245, the appointment of the Prashanti Medical Services and Research Foundation and the Medical Institute and the Department of Health, Medical Education and Family Welfare will be done with Jharkhand Ranchi Approval has been given on the MOU format.

Authorization to make a paid permanent land transfer

Centralized Drug Abuse and Drug Abuse Prevention Program “Drug Abuse Prevention Scheme / Approval of the Implementation of the National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction (NAPDDR ) and its operation in the current financial year 2022-23. Rupee. Approval was given at the expense of 1.70 crore (one crore seventy lakh). After convening the ninth session (monsoon ) of the Fifth Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand from 29.07.2022 to 05.08.2022 and the provisional program thereunder, cabinet approval was given.Under Koderma district, the total area of ​​the area-Jaynagar, Mauja-Rebhnadih – 0.672 acres of land of variety-falle, the total amount due is Rs. 27,18,181/- (Twenty Seven Lakh eighteen thousand one hundred and eighty one only) to Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL) for the construction of a railway project for the construction of the railway project.

Approval for the operation of 8 new polytechnic institutions

Relaxing clause 235 of Jharkhand finance rules, based on nomination under clause 245 of Jharkhand finance rules, Prejha Foundation (PREJHA) was selected and with the support of PREJHA Foundation, 08 new polytechnic institutions under the department were approved. Reservation of Other Backward Classes in Election of President of Zilla Parishad in Panchayat-2022 Three-Tier Election in Order of Supreme Court Order in Special Leave to Appeal No. (S) 19756/2021 (Rahul Ramesh Wagh v State of Maharashtra and Others) Post Approval of the Council of Ministers was given on Notification Number-914, dated 09.05.2022, issued in The proposal contained in Departmental Act No. 918, dated 10.05.2022 and subsequently Departmental Letter No.-927, dated 11.05.2022, during the Panchayat Election, 2022, for delegated personnel in electoral service, was given post-de facto approval of the prescribed fee advance and the travel allowance rate. .

Jharkhand State Journalists Health Insurance Scheme Approved

The ex-post approval of the Council of Ministers was given in the Departmental Resolution Memorandum No.-15, dated 18.01.2022, regarding the implementation of Jharkhand State Journalists Health Insurance Scheme 2021 for journalists working in the state of Jharkhand. Under Deoghar District, Zonal-Sarath, Mauja-Chitra Total Area – 1.58 Acres Non-Majrua Common Land Total Amount Due Rs. 61,35,310/- (Sixty Lakh Thirty Five Thousand Three Hundred Ten) solely by ECL Chitra Coalmines on payment from ECL for the expansion of SP Mines Chitra Colliery. (SPMines) with Chitra approved for lease settlement paid for 30 years. Under the Department of Labour, Planning, Training and Skills Development, Jharkhand, in accordance with the provisions of the Jharkhand Employment Service (Amendment) Rules, 2015, approval has been given to constitute the employment service audit rules, 2022.

Cabinet gave administrative approval

Administrative approval has been given for the construction of a new 500 bed hospital at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Sakchi, Jamshedpur at a cost of Rs 3 billion 96 crore 69 lakh 98 thousand 900. Guidelines have been approved for formulation of policies for the laying of fiber optic cables in the state. Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, approval has been given to change the monthly fees payable to field agents/contract workers. Administrative approval of only Rs.71 crore 73 lakh 34 thousand 600 has been given for the reconstruction works of “Mahagama (Kechua Chowk) – Dighi Path (total length – 11,597 km) under Godda Path division. of Jamtara district”. approval of Rs.84,12,66,126.00 has been given for the installation of Network Substation (132/33 KV) and 132 KV Jamtara – Madhupur transmission line.

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