no impediment to recruitment in vacancies in schools high court judge in calcutta abijit ganguly: Court’s ban on recruitment in vacancies, ‘not fair’ – judge’s comment

There is no impediment to recruiting vacancies at the upper secondary level of the school. Kolkata High Court Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay advised on Friday. The judge’s observation is broadcast as the court interferes in the recruitment of vacancies in the schools, which is not correct.

The Chief Minister claimed that 18,000 teaching positions are available in the state. After that, in the recruitment case, the court ordered the Principal Secretary of the State Department of School Education to inform in the form of an affidavit where and how many positions are vacant for teachers in the primary, upper primary, secondary, higher. secondary schools and madrasas.

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The Education Department secretary submitted the affidavit to the court on Friday, as reported. It can be seen that the total number of vacancies for teachers in the state is 21,694. these vacancies. Judge’s observation, the media and various state politicians claim that teachers are not recruited at any level due to the intervention of the courts. which is not correct. Court and politics should not be united. The courts will not always tolerate. Appropriate measures can be taken if necessary.

In the affidavit, the school education department said there were 13,842 vacancies in secondary, 5,527 in upper secondary and 2,325 vacancies for head teachers at secondary and upper secondary levels. In response to the judge’s question, he was informed that there are 3936 vacancies at the primary level. The Department of School Education must notify the court by August 17 why the vacant seats are not being filled.

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