Shravani Mela 2022: Court will decide Baba’s culprit, read what the whole deal is…

With the onset of Shravani Mela, different types of devotees are seen on the way to Kanwaria. In this footage, a devotee who came from Bengal on Thursday was seen approaching Baba in handcuffs. He said that for the past two years, I didn’t raise Kanwar. That is why I am guilty of Baba. Baba will decide my punishment. That’s why I go to Baba’s court with handcuffs.

In fact, a group of 13 people from the city of Howrah in Bengal left for Baba Dham carrying 80 kg of Kanwar. There is one such member who is handcuffed and taken to Baba Dham for not lifting the kanwar. The handcuffed kanwariyas said that someone sued me in Baba’s court because I did not raise a kanwar. There is a date in Baba’s court on this. That’s why they take me handcuffed. I will be brought before Baba’s court. where the decision will be made. They will decide in Baba’s court why these Kanwars were not taken. At Baba’s court, we will apologize, pray and ask for Baba.

The Kanwarias team from Howrah, carrying 80 kg of attractive kanwars, said we were taking a handcuffed kanwariya to Baba’s court as a sign. To let people and devotees know that there is a trial in Baba’s court against those who do not uplift Kanwar and Baba punishes them. That is why he urged all devotees to uplift Kanwar devotees. He is to go to Baba’s court with Kanwar. Crowds of people gathered on the way to see the group of Kanwariyas symbolically wearing handcuffed Kanwariyas.

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