Gaatchora series khori riddhi conflict star jalsa: Riddhi-khari conflict! Riddhi left all limits now, blind faith is his future?

Even though the name of the series is Gantchara, there is no end to the conflict over marriage. Riddhi Khari’s relationship is squeezed between conspiracies from here and elsewhere. Especially since Boney Kunal’s marriage, the Chinese barrier stands between them.

There is no end to the turmoil in the world. Previously there was Rahul, now her best friend Kiara. There is no end to the intrigues of the two siblings. The life of the gerbera chalk is all about turning everything upside down. Riddhi unwittingly joins Rahul and Kiara’s conspiracy. Kiara is entrusted with the design of the jewelry. And the same fraudulently arranges for all orders to reach Dutta Jewellers.

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Meanwhile, Riddhi knows nothing of these whispers. He has blind faith in his sister. And always beware of chalk. So he insults Khadi when he tries to help her. He will show his work. He has also received several commissions for his work, meanwhile, Kiara is satisfied with it. Riddhi doesn’t know anything about Khari’s plan, but he wants to repay the debt he once owed. He drags Khadi away and orders her to undress. But why? The reason for the sudden or sudden incident? Even people like Riddhi can do something like that!

Riddhi worries a lot about Khadike despite her nonsense. If someone wants to approach him even by mistake, a storm of thousands of questions arises. There is no end to the danger. Meanwhile, Bonnie does an extreme job. Dressed in a sari with a veil over his head, he is busy preparing snacks! Let’s see where all the relationships go now.

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