Jobs for everyone on the merit list ssc job seekers are happy with Abhishek’s assurance

SSC Merit List 2016 private job seekers assured during a meeting with Abhishek Banerjee. This is the claim of Shahidullah, one of the faces of the SSC movement. He said: ‘Sir is very human. The meeting was positive. He will try 100%.

On Friday, Abhishek Banerjee held a meeting with eight representatives of SSC agitators in his office on Camac Street. The meeting lasted about an hour. After the meeting, SSC activist Shahidullah said, “Sir is very human. The meeting was positive. It will try 100% for every SSC merit list 2016 to get a job. He will do his best so that no one is deprived.

In this regard, representatives of the SSC agitators will hold a meeting with Minister of Education Bratya Basu and representatives of the Ministry of Education on August 8. The recruitment of candidates for SLST jobs will be discussed.

Earlier it was said to pull back the hustle by securing multiple appointments at different levels of government including Chief Minister. But, then he was informed that if the appointment letter is not received, the accommodation movement will continue. In that case, after the relief of Abhishek Banerjee, why are the destitute job seekers protesting? In response, Shahidullah said, “It is not possible to solve this problem overnight. But the way the discussion went is positive, we are happy. And the decision to withdraw the movement will be taken after discussion.

There are legal complications at job fairs. How to solve it? What did Abhishek Banerjee say at the meeting? Shahidullah says, “Mister assured that the post would be awarded shortly after overcoming legal complications.”

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