Cook With Comali Sarath Posted Nude Photo On Instagram Viral Nirvana Challenge: Vijay Tv Popularity Fans Protest For Photo

Sarath Vishnu is famously controversial impersonating Vishal on the small screen show Cook with Komali.

A photo of a celebrity from Vijay TV’s Cook with Komali show in a bedroom posing in Nivana has drawn strong criticism among netizens.

It is usual for Ranveer Singh, the leading Bollywood actor, to try something different in the movie. Thus, a few days ago, the photo shoot that she had published in a nude pose went viral on the internet.

A police report has been filed against Ranveer Singh, who has often come under heavy criticism, even though a spy posted his comments on the photo. This incident has gone viral in recent days and caused a stir

Before the buzz died down, Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal posted a picture of himself posing naked in his bedroom to promote his upcoming movie Mohandas.

Like Ranveer Singh, Vishnu Vishal also faces harsh criticism, but now Sarath Vishnu is caught up in controversy by impersonating Vishnu Vishal on Cook with Komali.

While many netizens who have seen this movie criticize it harshly, they comment that if they don’t wake up soon, they will be charged. This photo is currently making the buzz on the Internet.

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