Indexing passages or paragraphs kya hai (2020)

Google has a ranking system to rank any website or blog. Google algorithm is called. Recently, on October 20, 2020, Google made a new algorithm update, which is called Paragraph Indexing or Passage Indexing. Many bloggers won’t know What is paragraph indexing? (What is Paragraph Indexing) and how it works. Today in this article we are going to talk in detail about this paragraph indexing or passage indexing.

Friends, with time, Google becomes very smart and that for everything. Artificial intelligence used. It started paying close attention to user queries to rank any web page. When it comes to user experience, Google has Passage या Paragraph indexing Which will have a huge impact on any blog or website.

It is very important for you to know that you are in this new Google Algorithm UpdateHow can you optimize your website for Passage Indexing? So, let us first know what is passage indexing or paragraph indexing kya hai (what is paragraph indexing)?

Kya Hai paragraph indexing? (What is Paragraph or Passage Indexing in Hindi)

Paragraph indexing

Paragraph indexing There is a new Google algorithm update where Google says it can also index the paragraph inside the page and show that paragraph in search results. This update can be launched for each language website in each country.

Google’s announcement is that when a keyword is searched, Google will analyze the paragraphs appearing in all web pages and display it first in the web page that has the most accurate answer to that query.

For bloggers who used to write big articles to rank their website page, it can be a big setback for them because Google started to drop the whole article and pay attention to paragraphs.

How does paragraph indexing work?

Paragraph indexing Ranking system Which works according to artificial intelligence. According to this, this page is placed at the top where users can get the most accurate answer based on their queries.

To rank your article, first of all, Google Bot downloads and analyzes your page and due to your page content, the page gets a score but this score depends on many factors.

For example, what is the user experience of your page, how many outbound links originate from your page, what type Inbound links Coming up, how are the images on your page, Broken links So that’s not the case. After checking many more, the final ranking of your page is decided.

But Indexing of passages या Indexing of paragraphs After implementation, Google will remember this single paragraph separately and whenever there is such a useful search that is answered in your paragraph, your page will be displayed in the search results, whether there have other good points in your page or not.

If you think there’s only you Index of paragraphs If it is, it is not. Here also your whole page will be indexed, but the recognition of the paragraph will be done more by deciding the ranking and if the right keyword is searched, then all the others. Classification signal Google will rank the exact page at the top ignoring it.

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How to optimize your website for indexing passages?

If your website Passage If you want to get indexed by Google, you need to do the following things:-

  1. Use a short passage in posts

To see your website first in Google, you must Short paragraph is necessary to use. suppose you 3000 Word If an article is written, definitely write a summary of the whole process in a 150-250 word paragraph. Note that the paragraph written by you must be absolutely precise and easy to read, which can solve questions. I don’t mean to say that it is enough to write a paragraph instead of a long article, but the article must be absolutely relevant.

2. Use bullet points for “How To” articles

If you have on your site How If you want to write an article related to Fleas Use or write step by step. If you write each of the points in headings, it is important to write each point in the same headings. For example, if your first point is H3, the other points must also be H3.

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3. Make your website mobile friendly

To rank a website today, it should be Mobile friendly You have to be Test your website on mobile device and see if your website is friendly or not via Mobile Friendly Test. If your paragraph is not visible on mobile then it will not be indexed.

4. Main keywords को Bold, Italic, Underline करें

When writing the article, highlight the main keywords and relevant keywords. This allows Google to better understand that your Article and main keywords What is it and what do you mean. Keep in mind that you have to insert the keywords intelligently into your page, you don’t have to do keyword stuffing.

5. Get the grammar correct

Google will only rank your webpage if someone is on it Grammatical error No Yes. You can use Grammarly to check and fix grammar errors in your content.

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Conclusion – Indexing kya hai paragraphs

Here I found the new Google Algorithm Update have been informed of what is called Paragraph Indexing or Indexing of passages, It was very important for bloggers to be aware of this update. If you still have any questions regarding this update, you can tell us by commenting.

If you liked this article then also share it with other bloggers so that they can also know about this new update passages indexing.

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