Vijay Malokar, run in any of the 91 wards, deposit will be confiscated, Shiv Sainik challenges leader who served as MP for three terms – shivsena leader Vijay Malokar challenged Gopikishan Bajoria to run for election

Akko: Former Legislative Council MP Gopikishan Bajoria and incumbent MP Biplav Bajoria, many members of the Shiv Sena office have decided to join Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s faction, the Shiv Sainiks are upset. On Friday, Bajoria held a press conference in Akola, during which Bajoria expressed pain and regret for the past 25 years in the party. Now after that he is openly challenged by the Uddhav Thackeray group. Shiv Sena leader Vijay Malokar said Bajoria has never been and is not notable for the Shiv Sena. He spoke in Akola.

What exactly did Malokar say?

Vijay Malokar has alleged that former Legislative Council MP Gopikishan Bajoria, who was ‘spoiled’ by the Shiv Sena’s trust, sparked many hollow scandals. Basically, how seriously should Bajoria be taken? That is the real question. Vijay Malokar alleged that Bajorians’ hunger was not satisfied even after Tinda MP Vidhan Parishad, Legislative Assembly candidate and party MP to his son Biplav Bajoria from Parbhani-Hingoli constituency, various funds from development given by the party from time to time.

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Vijay Malokar said talking about Akola Vikas by a businessman disguised as a Bajorian politician is the biggest joke of this century. Malokar said that Gopikishan Bajoria who considers himself a great leader should withdraw from one of the 91 wards of the next Akola Municipal Corporation, the Shiv Sainiks will not remain without confiscating his deposit, the challenge comes from the Shiv Sena of Balasaheb.

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Vijay Malokar also said that the Shiv Sainiks of Balasaheb are going to show their true strength and valor after leaving the Shiv Sena to the Bajorians who think they are great. Vijay Malokar is the State President of Maharashtra ST Kamgar Sena. We’ll see how Malokar challenges the Bajorians in the upcoming municipal elections.

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