UIC welcomes unification of ministries


UIC welcomes unification of ministries

What industrial producers think has everything to do with the new formation of the national government’s economic cabinet. Sergio Massa has already announced new measures next Wednesday and the markets have worked calmly since his name resonates in the new formation.

In this context, Marcelo Uribarren, president of the UIC (Industrial Union of Córdoba) said in Bien Directo Noticias that they hope that what follows in this new stage will be positive, although “we have to wait”, after having had to go through serious difficulties in importing, sourcing products and exporting.

“More than 70% of our supplies are exported, that’s why to develop the industry in our country you have to buy supplies, where most of them are imported”, he explained, adding that the “shortages in the production line” made him think about As this week begins, some industries are starting to suffer from production.

Uribarren thus echoed the demand for “solutions or measures that arrive with the serenity that the situation deserves”:

The publication UIC welcomes the unification of ministries published for the first time on Canal C

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