sanjay raut even after breaking the army his hands are still empty how much to pay for those against the thackeray family: sanjay raut – sanjay raut slam eknath shinde faction and other leaders who spoke about the thackeray family

Mumbai: It has been a month since the transfer of power in Maharashtra. The rebellion of Eknath Shinde and his supporting MPs led to the transfer of power in the state. Various reasons were given by Eknath Shinde and his supporting MPs for leaving the government of Maha Vikas Aghadi. After the transfer of power in the state, MPs from the Eknath Shinde group were resisting criticism of Uddhav Thackeray by BJP leaders. The same pro-Eknath Shinde MPs and other leaders are now criticizing Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray. Sanjay Raut was first targeted by rebel MPs. Now that Uddhav Thackeray and Aditya Thackeray are being directly criticized, Shiv Sena MP and Saamana editor Sanjay Raut has responded. Sanjay Raut slammed rebel leaders who criticized Thackeray saying that despite gaining power the ground shifted from under his feet.

What did Sanjay Raut say?

Politics has never sunk to such a low level. The identity of Maharashtra, which holds the truth, is being erased. Those whose hands remained empty despite Shiv Sena’s breakup are making a fuss against Shiv Sena and the Thackeray family. How much should be paid to those whose lands were displaced even after taking power? This question was asked by Sanjay Raut.

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Maharashtra’s identity is being erased
The state of Maharashtra had so far kept a keen ear for the truth. The state also had the same identity. However, politics has never sunk to such a low level. Attempts are made to erase the identity of Maharashtra, which holds the truth.

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Sanjay Raut hits out at those who criticize Uddhav Thackeray
After the start of the power struggle in Maharashtra, since June 21, Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray has not been criticized by Eknath Shinde group or Shinde group leaders. After Eknath Shinde was sworn in as Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray’s tough stance against rebel leaders, deportation action against Eknath Shinde’s supporters cut the cords of reunion between the two leaders . After BJP leader Kirit Somaiya criticized Uddhav Thackeray, group leader Eknath Shinde, who took a stand against him, is now directly criticizing Uddhav Thackeray. Uddhav Thackeray is criticized by leaders like Ramdas Kadam, Deepak Kesarkar, Sanjay Shirsat, Abdul Sattar, Shambhuraj Desai who were once in the Shiv Sena. This is why Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut criticized those who remained empty-handed despite Shiv Sena’s breakup for being against Shiv Sena and the Thackeray family.

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