Nitin Gadkari, eats free bhutta, even stutters; Union Minister Nitin Gadkari slams police staff for harassing petty vendors

Mr. Ta. Representative, Nagpur

“I often eat bhutta at a roadside stall near VNIT. Thelewale then said, “Sir, the police are in big trouble. They eat free bhutta and don’t even pay. This position is not correct. Everyone should ask themselves whether the poor have a right to live or not,” police criticized on Friday. (Union minister Nitin Gadkari criticizes police pardon)

Nagpur Municipal Corporation organized PM Swanidhi Yojana Mahotsav at Kavivarya Suresh Bhat Auditorium in Resim Bagh. He was speaking as the main guest on this occasion. Mr. LA Krishna Khopde, Nagpur Municipal Corporation Commissioner Radhakrishnan B., Municipal Council Administration Commissioner and Director Dr. Kiran Kulkarni, Vijay Singh, Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner Deepak Kumar Meena Additional Commissioner Ram Joshi, Welfare Department Deputy Commissioner Vijay Humane, Welfare Officer Ranjana Lad were present.

While setting fire to Parthiva, there was an accident, the fire broke out and the three were burned alive.
Gadkari said, “Clean vegetable and sheep markets should be established in each of the city’s residential areas. I’m tired of telling this story to most of the mayors I’ve met. But, this has not yet been fully achieved. Municipal Corporation, Nasupra has many vacancies. It is being encroached upon. At these places, openings should be created for loom sellers and give them formal employment. The poor have no caste, creed, religion. He needs to be inspired to live with self-respect. It should be implemented through this plan. Previously, the Gondi dance was performed by the public. Mohammad Ali, beneficiary of the self-financing scheme, expressed his condolences on behalf of all the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries of the scheme were praised during the program. Moderated by Ankita More.

Consumers turned away due to high prices, 5,000 flats are vacant in Nagpur
A survey of forty thousand people

Today, Nagpur is among the top five cities in the Self-Funding Scheme. For this, a survey of forty thousand peddlers was conducted. Radhakrishnan B informed that from now on, the families of these hawkers will benefit in priority from various government programs. He gave in his introductory speech.

Bold action by Municipal Corporation in Nagpur; Towing of 2647 vehicles in 55 days

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