construction near mumbai airport, 48 buildings near airport, hammer on the hurdles soon; Bombay HC orders collector to demolish 48 skyscrapers near Mumbai airport

Mr. your. Special Representative, Bombay: Bombay High Court Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice Dipankar Dutta have ordered collectors in Mumbai sub-district to submit a concrete plan for the demolition of 48 obstacles in the list of various things that can hinder flights or additional construction of buildings erected around Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport on an affidavit before August 19. . Makarand Karnik’s bench gave it on Friday.

Public Interest Litigation Adv. Directed by Yashwant Shenoy.

A survey conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of India in 2010-11 found 137 obstacles. Among them, notices were issued to the owners of 110 buildings. After the hearing, an order was issued in May-June 2017 to demolish the additional constructions or related obstructions in 63 structures. Nine of these owners appealed, and Vileparle Mahila School and five other Vastu owners cleared the hurdles themselves. However, despite handing over a list of 48 obstacles to the district collector, no action has yet been taken,” Miyal, who oversees the management of the airport, said in his affidavit. Taking this seriously, the bench asked the district receiver for a concrete demolition plan. Additionally, after viewing the collectors’ affidavits, the bench adjourned the hearing with a clear indication that it will issue an order on August 22 regarding obstacles found in the investigation over the past few years.

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