rain forecast in pune, record rain in july in pune; 10 year ‘record’ broken – Pune records 8mm of rainfall on Friday

Mr. your. Representative, Pune: The rains, present only in June and absent all month, broke the ten-year “record” in July without being “absent” at all in July. Three years ago in 2019, the highest rainfall of 377 mm was recorded in the month of July in the city. This year’s rainfall reached the 377.6 mm mark on Friday morning. There are still two days of July left and it is clear from the observatory’s statistics that rainfall has been almost double the average for that month.

The average rainfall in the city of Pune is 181 mm in the month of July. Records from the Pune Observatory show that in recent years above average rainfall was recorded in July. In 2019, 377 mm of rain fell in July. In 2021, 193, and now in 2022, 377.6 mm of rain has been recorded.

There were heavy rains the first 15 days of July. 281 mm of precipitation was recorded during the period from July 1 to July 15 due to continuous showers. After that, the rain cleared up for a while, sometimes with 45mm more rain in an hour. Nearly 100mm of rain fell from July 16 through Friday.

Like last Wednesday, there were heavy rains in the city and region after 4 p.m.

.. mm of rain were recorded until 8:30 p.m.

The Pune observatory gave indications of rain with thunder in the next two days. Although Pune and its environs are currently not in favorable monsoon conditions, local climatic changes are witnessing stormy rains. Just two days ago it rained heavily for about an hour. Because of this, water has accumulated. The rain had paused on Thursday; But there were moderate showers late in the night. It was sunny all day Friday. A few heavy showers appeared around 4 p.m. After about half an hour of heavy rain it calmed down. Shivajinagar, the eastern parts of the city had more rainfall than Pashan. The Magarpatta region had recorded 32.5mm of rain until 5:30 p.m.

Skies are expected to remain partly cloudy for the next two days, with thunderstorms expected in the afternoon.

Precipitation in July over the last ten years

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