Chinese President Xi warns Biden against Taiwan: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s threat to Taiwan, US President Biden also raised his voice

Chinese President Xi Jinping had a long phone conversation with US President Joe Biden on the Taiwan issue. Breaking all precedents, the two heads of state spoke on the telephone for more than two hours. During the discussion, Xi Jinping expressed concern over the conflict between the world’s two biggest powers, America and China. Xi Jinping also warned Biden that America should not obstruct China’s relationship with Taiwan over the phone. Beijing has also voiced its opposition to US President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Xi Jinping also said over the phone that he doesn’t want Taiwan to have any contact with a foreign country. Because Taiwan does not have this right. Xi also said quite harshly over the phone that China had already warned against Taiwan. But America fails to understand the importance of China’s warning. Xi said on the phone, “Those who play with fire will be burned by this fire.” Because China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity are the firm will of China’s 1.4 billion citizens. Pelosi should not go to Taiwan. The People’s Liberation Army is ready to resist any foreign power.

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US President Joe Biden said, ÔÇťAmerica will not change its policy toward Taiwan. America is concerned about the disruption of peace and order in Taiwan. America strongly opposes the attempt to run a dictatorship in Taiwan. Additionally, the White House has also stated that it strongly opposes such threats. China has claimed Taiwan as its territory for a long time. According to White House sources, there has been no progress in talks in other areas, including trade, technology, as the tone of the discussion has been very high from the start.

Instead of trying to negotiate, Xi instead complained over the phone, the White House claimed. He said industrialists and financial experts say a US ban on technology exports will hurt the global economy. The price of goods will increase and the impact of innovation will decrease. Only one thing has improved. The two heads of state want to talk face to face. The first meeting of the 20 global financial powers will be held in Indonesia in November. There could be face-to-face talks between Biden and Xi.

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