IIT Madras student sexually assaulted; No police report yet

After an IIT M student complained that her friend was sexually assaulted by an unidentified man while she was riding her bicycle in the middle of the night, the administration said on Friday that it had opened a investigation of the case.

According to the complaint, between Sunday and Monday evening, while the student was near the NAC on campus, a man in his twenties suddenly lunged at the student. When the student fell, he sexually assaulted her. The student screamed but no one was there to help him. The student, however, fought with him and fled to the inn with injuries.

In a statement, the administration of IIT-M did not file a complaint with the police because the student was not interested in filing a complaint with the police.

IIT’ said it held an identification parade to find the culprit, but the student could not identify her attacker.

According to the IIT, two days after such an incident, a friend of the student filed a complaint with the institute. The agency immediately launched an investigation, reviewed CCTV footage and shared footage of nearly 300 people matching the student’s claimed identities.

However, he was still unable to identify anyone.

More than 35 contractors who were on duty that night were also brought before the student to identify the culprit. But the student was again unable to identify anyone,” the statement said.

The institute said the gates of IIT M are properly secured and a security guard is posted every 100 meters. The company has a buddy system and also has the ability to call a bus with a security guard when needed. The student was not interested in filing a complaint with the police. The investigation is ongoing, the statement said.

The police did not come to save the student when the attack took place. “After a long and terrible struggle, she pushed him away and, devastated by the injuries, ran back with a broken bicycle. My friend was able to escape this terrible incident and it ended very badly, according to the complaint filed by the student’s friend with the establishment.

Dean of Students Nilesh J Vasa, in an email to all students, advised them to ensure they take safety precautions when traveling alone on campus at night and to contact security immediately to quick action. He said they were working on introducing a mobile app to help students report their location to security in the event of an emergency.

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